In the next version… Contracts

Possibility of signing contracts was proposed by some playes long time age, however, there was no justification for the introduction of such feature from the game mechanic point of view (It was hard to put them together with some other elements from the world of games). With the appearance of sequels some began to grieve, on the fact, that not always all creators are available, when they wanted to make the sequel of its hit. At this point, this option began to make sense, but I had to find a reasonable way of incorporation into the mechanics of the game.

And here I probably did. With the next version there will be a new option to sign a contract with choosen creator. Contracts will be subject to the following rules.

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About numbering the next version

Autumn and winter season has already started so it's time for information about the next version. Yes, officially I can confirm, that the work on it is already in progress… Once this formality is already behind us time to go into the details. Today, a few words about the changes in the numbering version of the game ahead of us.

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Creators set update 47

Today another creators update. You will find there 134 creators and 371 photos .

The largest contributors to this update are:

  • Balša Milijaš
  • Tomas Av
  • robbert
  • andrew89

The update will occur when you start a new game with the default set of creators (details can be found here).

After this update, the official set will contain 2935 creators .


P.S. There will be soon new interesting information about next version of the game..

Creators set update 45

As promised today another creators set update. You will find there 132 creators and 278 photos .

The largest contributors to this update are:

  • Balša Milijaš
  • Tomas Av
  • andrew89 

The update will occur when you start a new game with the default set of creators (details can be found here).

In total, the default set of games already has 2798 creators .

Because still some of you very actively adding the creators probably soon you can expect another update.. Oby tak dalej 🙂

Creators set update 44 with a surprise for contributors

Another creators set update was just released. It contains 86 and 508 photos (including more than 200 cult creators). The largest contributors to this update are:

  • Balša Milijaš
  • Tomas Av
  • andrew89 

Plenty of cult characters as usual was added by Łukasz Oleksiak.

As lately you flood me with proposals of creators, which I have not had time to review and verify you can expect the next update quite soon.

Today's update had another goal, test the new functionality in the MovieStats, that is, that at release of new set update of creators, all contributors for given version will receive an email with the information about creator from their proposals which was included in the update. It is a kind of little thing but I hope, that remind you of, that your work associated with proposal of creator has tangible results.

Here one more note If you receive an email, and lately you didn't add any new creators, this means, one of the added in the past by you, was updated (it may be affected its data, parameters or added photos or cult characters played by that person).

The update will occur when you start a new game with the default set of creators (details can be found here).

In total, the default set of games already has 2567 creators .

Creators set update 43

And we have another creators set update… this time quite big. It contains 181 creators and 435 photos. The biggest contributors for this update are andrew89 and Karol. From my side, I was able to add finally some artists from the 70s and early 80s. In addition, supplemented the set of about a dozen less popular artists emerging in the cult films and cult heroes in their present.

Update will apply when you run the a new game with a default set of creators (details can be found here) – It may take quite a while.

In total, the default set of games already has 2544 creators .

Cheat Codes

I think it is high time to end the current poll related to cheat codes in the second part of the game.

There were 198 votes. Wherein 116 people would like to have that option, 73 not, and 9 abstentions. By the way, broadening my knowledge in the field of game design, my approach to cheat codes recently it evolved somewhat ... because it turns out, it is not always about cheating ... Just do not all want / can afford the long time for playing games, and sometimes they want to shoot a few stress-free films with well-known artists, which probably reflects well on the game itself ... that no additional motivation (in the form of challenges or other "tricks") you like just to play...

Immediately reassure those who did not like such option, that cheat codes nie będą dostępne we wszystkich trybach gry, only those, gdzie nie będą one zaburzały zdobywania osiągnięć oraz innych celów rozgrywki (jak w trybie kariery czy w wyzwaniach).

Tak więc oficjalnie potwierdzam, that cheat codes pojawią się w kolejnej wersji… but there is nothing for free if you wanted to have such option that I have a task for you ... or even two.

The first question is what kind of cheat you would gladly see in the game. My guess is, that necessarily it has to be an increase of available cash. Ale może macie jakieś inne propozycje… np. słyszałem, that some people do not like animes and may want to turn them off? Let me know what else can possibly be put under general understood cheat codes / easter eggs 😉

The second task is related to the first it is slogan, które te kody miałyby aktywować… zamiast pisać np $100000000 można użyć jakiegoś słynnego cytatu z filmu jak “Show me the money” który wykrzykiwał Cuba Gooding, Jr w filmie Jerry Maguire

And if you do not take advantage of the opportunity to give some own ideas ... well… you will be one to blame…


Creators set update 42

As, before the last releasem I could not focus on adding creators, update set appeared just before this year's Oscars ceremony. It contains more than 60 the creators and 170 photos. Apart from me, the biggest contributor to this update was Jan. This time the update is versatile because in it we have a bit of everything:

  • new artists (Polish and foreign)
  • a few candidates for this year's Oscars
  • new cult characters
  • the older artists that appear in the cult films
  • improvement of several poor quality photos

I'm glad , that you add your own suggestions of creators, recall however, of proper quality of images (they must be properly scaled to no have deformation made due to bad proportions).

Update will apply when you run the a new game with a default set of creators (details can be found here). In total, the default set of games already has 2395 creators .

Version 0.9.4 ready for download

As promised, just before the next Oscars ceremony, I am pleased to present another version of the Movie Business 2 with number 0.9.4. But before download a few words of introduction.

As usual, a summary of the most important changes and innovations introduced in this version can be found at version history, a more detailed description of the new functionality you can find in the post on my personal blog.

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Creators set update 40

After a long break, time for a little set update. It contains 58 creators (new or updated) and 64 photos. The largest contributors to this update are Durve, Tomas Av and robbert. The update will occur when you start the game with the default set of creators (details can be found here). In total, the default set of the game already contains more than 2330 creators .

Fixes and updates - version 0.9.3

I am pleased to present you the versions 0.9.3 Movie Business 2. This time, it contains mainly fixes (in the majority of) minor bugs, modifications of certain algorithms, updates the creators and reviews as well as two visible function for you. The possibility of shifting roles in the scenario and using real quotes from movies (the database contains few hundreds of famous texts).

Detailed information about the changes can be found in version history and you obtain as usual from the page Download MB2.

Have fun.

Creators set update 38, the Oscars one

There is another update of the creators set. As another Oscars ceremony is coming it contains more than a dozen creators who were nominees this year for this award, and which was missing in the game. The whole update contains 67 creators and 149 photos (including several cult characters). The largest contributors to this update are Slowik (that added quite a few Polish artists) and Filip.

The update will occur when you start the game with the default set of creators (details can be found here).

New layout

The current theme of the site though it was very functional slightly deviate from the today's Web standards. So I decided to refresh it slightly. For a quite long time I was looking for a template, that would be as functional as the original. In the end I managed to find one, that meets my expectations. So here I am pleased to present a refreshed official Movie Business game page.

In addition, the English version of the home page, available at has also been modified to contain redirects to the main section of the page.

As usual, any comments and feedback on the new layout is nice to hear.

Teaser or be aware, that something happens

Fact, of appearing few weeks ago the new version of the game does not mean, that since then I already have a holiday. It will come for this when it gets warmer… For now, I am working on some new features in MovieStats, and a little surprise. Here is this little teaser...

And now something completly different, It's been a few weeks since the release of v 0.9.1 so, I will gladly listen to your comments on it. When I am looking for your productions, I have a few thoughts and ideas of what could be improved in the next version. Let me know in the comments or on the forum what you like, and what requires still some amendments or changes.

In any case, you should know, that something is going on and expect more information soon...

Version 0.9.0 ready for download

I am pleased to announce that, after several months of intensive work, You can now download version 0.9.0 Movie Business 2. However, before you do this please do read a couple more important information.

Information about changes and news in this release can be found in version history, a more detailed description of the new functionality you can find in the post on my personal blog.

With the new version, the game requires an updated .NET Framework library (to version 4.5). No stress, most likely you do not have anything special to do, probably because you have it already installed on your systems (this library is very popular and is used by many applications such as. the drivers for your graphics card). If during the installation, it will not be detected, the installer informs You of this and indicates where it can be download. However, if for some reason something went wrong, just let me know by email. I will try to help you solve the problem.

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Creators set update 32

This is the last entry before Christmas. As you probably guessed, this means, that this year there will be no new version of MB2. You have to wait for it until next year (but this is not so long). To make your waiting time a bit more pleasure I have for you a new update of creators set. It contains 56 new and updated characters and 174 photos.

For those who have forgotten how to update a set reminder link.

As I mentioned this last entry before Christmas so, I wish you peaceful, warm, family holidays and interesting gifts under the tree.

And yet small information for donors. After the holidays probably you will receive an email with a small surprise…

T-Shirts and shop with gadgets of Movie Business

Mdc BFMB LogoSanta Claus is coming and Christmas so this is the best time for gifts. And going against the biggest fans of the game, I have a little surprise for you. Now you can fend for themselves (or your loved ones) make a gift in the form of gadgets related to the Movie Business.

From today officially is available shop with gadgets associated with the game Movie Business. At first glance they go several types of T-shirts with motifs of the game. More details will learn of the new section Shop.

Cult characters

Just about a new version of the game was released, and already thinking about new interesting features for the next releases. One of the new ideas, which appeared is so-called. cult characters.

What it is?

Often, the character played by a particular actor in a particular film is so characteristic, that when you create your movie (for example,. equivalent of this production) you think exactly about the role.

Hence the idea that the actor who plays this particular role have the picture clearly indicating on what character you have in mind. This means, that the actor in addition to standard 5 pictures assigned to his age will be able to have additional photos of such cult character.

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Art market and selling of paintings

For a long time in the Movie Business 2 it is possible to purchase works of art in the form of paintings. Exactly ... purchase, nothing more can be done with them. The new version finally allow the full investment in this market.

Firstly, you will be able to sell paintings. Second, the price of images will vary depending on several factors. E.g: Events, the incidence of a particular type of image (with a particular style / specific author) at auctions, and the market reaction to the actions of art connoisseur Vico.

Earnings (or loss) will not be too big but investing in art allows protect the capital, primarily against random events (which operate on a percentage of cash owned by the player). Of course you can not forget about the trophies associated with this element of the game.

It's all in the version 0.8.5

New game mode

Another new feature planned for the next version of Movie Business is a new game mode. I Admit, that I was not planned to add another mode because it seemed to me, that the actual number of them is sufficient and provides a wide range of gametypes . However after discussions with some players turned out,, that they have a slightly different point of view and would like to play sometimes in more casual way.

So here are main features of a new mode, which was tentatively named Quick game.

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About mobile applications

From time to time there are questions from players about possibility creation of a Movie Busniess' mobile version, and that such an application can earn a lot of money ... So I recommend a look at the below link by Tomasz Zielinski the author of the popular (and useful) applications Transportoid posted on a very interesting blog wonderland-engineering. It describes how looks reality from the autors perspective.

You can find full text at this link

Any comments are welcome…

MovieBusiness new site alias

Movie Business has another alias for official web site. It is which redirects to the home page where it is easier to select the language version. It should help for all non-Polish speaking players to access the game.

Alias of course, is still working and the players who speaks Polish can continue to use it. They will be immediately redirected to the site with news in Polish language.

Improvements MovieStats

MovieStats recieved bit more interactive content on its' homepage. In addition to a general description now also some tables with recent events appeared.
In addition, the more observant players will notice a few minor improvements to the boxoffice and detailed information about the movies.

I have also updated the sections Screenshot where I put some pictures from MovieStats.

If you have any suggestions for improvement of this site do not hesitate to report them, maybe some of them will be possible to introduce to the service..