In the next version... Creating profiles

Player profiles are one of the important elements of the game that allows not only to store player progress, trophies or his statistics, but also allows the use of the MovieStats website, where, among others, you can add your own suggestions of creators who would like to be in the game. Due to the development and expansion of the game's functionality, it is necessary to re-creation of the profile from time to time. Until now, it was a bit embarrassing if we already had our data in MovieStats. Now this process will be slightly easier thanks to the possibility of creating a new profile in the game, based on the existing profile in MovieStats.

In the 2020 edition, when creating a new profile, we will receive two options. We'll be able to create it from scratch or import it from MovieStats by providing the email we used to register in the game. The condition is that your profile must have been activated (player status in MovieStats is active).

Note, however, you will still need to enter your password. The game cannot import passwords (they are not stored in the MovieStats database). Therefore, if you do not remember your MovieStats password, you will have to enter a new one and then use the option Reset password so you can synchronize your passwords between in-game and remote profiles stored on the MovieStats server.

You can read more about player profiles and their synchronization in the new help chapter entitled Player profiles and passwords

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