Screenwriter outsourcing

One of the proposals that has been scrolling among players for many years was the opportunity to hire an external screenwriter to create a script for you. In the next edition there will be such an option, although maybe in a slightly different form than some would like.

You can already hire an external screenwriter to perform corrections in the scenario. When it comes to the possibilities of acquiring scenarios, you have had two options so far. Buy it on the free market or create from scratch. Now you will see an additional option in the form of Outsourced screenwriter (i.e. hiring an external screenwriter to write a script for you). If you purchase a scenario, you have to accept what is available on the market. If you create it from scratch, you have to decide on all the parameters. In case of outsourcing the screenwriter will give you a some, but not complete, impact on the end result.

When hiring a screenwriter, the screenwriter will ask you some questions about his overall vision. This will be

  • title
  • genre
  • types of main roles
  • types of supporting roles
  • number of episodic roles
  • whether a composer and/or operator is required
  • age category
  • amount of humor
  • ending
  • tags

As you can see, this is a slightly different scheme than usual. I think the two most interesting points from this list are: genre and age category.

Hiring an external screenwriter will allow you to create a scenario of any genre (even those not available for a given difficulty level – that is, those who cannot create themselves.) I think it's a big bonus for players playing at lower difficulty levels.

The second is the age category. As you can see, you can not set the amount of sex and violence yourself, just show what age category you aim for, and the screenwriter will try to adjust the values to fall into a certain category (whether it succeeds is another matter).

What you don't control is character types. Here, too, you will have to pass on what the screenwriter will offer you (and try to choose them according to the genre).

Additional remark, some questions can be omitted so that the item is not included (such as tags)

I'm not sure yet whether the outsourcing of the screenwriter is to increase the number of slots for the production of the player. Currently, scenarios written by an external screenwriter are not included in the player's slot pool. That is, if you are in the process of writing a script, you can also hire an external screenwriter (you can create several scenarios at the same time).

I don't know if it's too much of a facilitation. What do you think?


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