In the next version: Role proposal for the creator

In the 2021 Edition, assistants will receive a new feature. Thanks to them, you will be able to send a proposal for a role, in your scenario, to a specific creator.

The new option appears in the assistant menu. Once selected, you will be asked to choose a scenario and then select a specific role that you would like to cast. After all, depending on the type of role, you'll get a list of creators you'll be able to offer of playing that role.

Choose the person you'd love to see in your movie.

After a while, you will receive an answer whether the creator is interested in this role or not. If the creator expresses a desire to participate in the project, the role in the scenario will be pre-populated. Of course, this does not mean that the creator will play it for free. The financial details will be determined at the start of production.

The actress liked the role and is initially interested in it.

Whether a given person wants to take a given role depends, among others, on your prestige (do not count that if you propose a role to Brad Pitt in your debut, he will agree immediately), but also on the properties of the script, and of course on the subject (motives) it touches upon. (and whether a given theme is e.g. favorite by a given creator). However, the number of conditions that is taken into account by the creator is smaller than during the production of the film (where, for example, there is a target group (i.e. the target) of the production). Which means that a creator who would decline the role at the start of production can take it on using this option.

Here you can see that it was pre-casted. When production starts, it will be selected as the default creator.

Note if a role is already cast and you decide to propose it to another creator (and he agrees to it), then your relationship with the previously cast creator will deteriorate.

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