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Character type allows you to determine what kind of hero a character is, and consequently, the subsequent it suggest selection of the cast with a specific characteristic adapted to this role.

During the creation of the script, while adding new roles, the player will be able to choose one of the following types of characters:

  • Protagonist - our main hero, this character should be versatile and talented because with him the viewer will spend the longest time on his shoulder most often will rest also the main plot.
  • Villain - the main antagonist of our protagonist, he must be charismatic and evoke emotions in the viewer, hence the character from which we require big dramatic skills.
  • Jester - a character with comedic abilities whose aim in the script is often to relax the atmosphere between dramatic events.
  • Femme fatale/Playboy -a female figure terrible (but can also be male), in the Canon of cinema known as the mysterious and bringing misfortune – the main differentiator of this character is the sex-appeal.
  • Action hero - here everything is clear, a typical character focused on action scenes requiring physical fitness.
  • Neutral - a neutral character for which we do not have specific preferences (the default type that is equivalent to the situation before the character types were introduced)

Using this quite rich base of archetypes, we can create our movie more consciously. Introducing different types of characters to the genre cinema (such as action movies) will make it more nuanced. It is worth introducing heroes with different characteristics to genre films.

Here's how an example scenario to the classic action film such as cult Die Hard could look like reflected in the game:

  • Protagonist – John McClane (Bruce Willis) - a versatile hero, who should have both predispositions for action sequences but also humor and talent for acting.
  • Villain – Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) - an actor who is not a specialist in action movies but has great dramatic skills, thanks to which he creates a memorable and charismatic antagonist.
  • Jester  -Sergeant Al Powell-(Reginald VelJohnson As) - a character with a comedy characteristic
  • Neutral -Hello Gennero McClane (Bonnie Bedelia) - the wife of our protagonist here as a neutral figure not very visible - but important for the plot.

Remarks and comments

What will be the consequences of using a particular type of character in a scenario? Well, if we have a scenario with types different than neutral we will have to pay more attention to filling a given role by a specific actor. If the parameters of a given artist coincide with the features required by the type of a given character, then there is a greater chance that he or she will perform better in this role and his performance (evaluated in stars) will be better. This works, of course, in the other way, if we choose the actor badly for the role, his star rating will be lower.

Of course, there are no restrictions regarding the number and types of characters that you use in the script. You can set all actors as neutral (then the predispositions of a given character will not be taken into account) or for action movie you can choose all the characters as action heroes. On the other hand, the introduction of various characters will be somehow rewarded by algorithms (both for viewers - thanks to the various types of characters, more audience - not only those who like action cinema - want to see our movie, and critics will appreciate the unconventionality of our production).

Help > The Game > Scripts > Create your own script

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