The Jury Of Festivals

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Movie Business offers several festivals where players can submit their films. The best films win awards and nominations, so they can count on free publicity (that translates into tangible benefits in the form of higher returns), and producer for prestige in the industry.

I wanted to but somehow also appreciate the players themselves, who have ambitions (produce ambitious videos, that win awards). Hence, manufacturers, who won in the history of the Festival several awards in the category of best movie (because here the role of producer is the most important) They were invited to the jury of the festival.

The threshold of awards at which the player will be able to receive an invitation will be dependent on the particular festival. What will consist serve on jury? Well, the player will be able to vote for one of the nominated films. To avoid conflicts of interest the player will be invited to the jury only if his movies will not be nominated.

Remarks and comments

Although the vote will have a marginal influence on the final results of the Festival I hope, that this again, tiny flavor will positively affect the commitment of the players / producers and motivate you to fight for the awards.


Help > The Game > Festivals