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In the world of Movie Business, the best films can compete for prizes at several film festivals. Nominations and awards received at festivals, in addition to the prestige for the producer and creators, also bring benefits in the form of greater interest in the audience, and hence the greater profits generated by films.

In the game there are several festivals. Each of them has certain unique elements that distinguish it from the other.

Festivals can be classified according to several criteria:

  • Requiring the player to submit to the festival or not (automatically submitted)
  • commercial and independent festivals
  • for the best or the worst films

To apply for prizes at a given festival, a specific production must be submitted to it. This is done automatically for some festivals, for others the player must do it manually. Submitting a film by a player involves additional promotional costs. Their amount depends on the popularity and prestige of the festival. If the film meets the festival criteria, it first receives a nomination. The winner will be selected from the nominated films.

Festivals available in MB2

The following festivals are available in Movie Business 2:

Name Prize Type Description
American Academy Film Award Oscar Commercial Academy Awards, commonly known as Oscar (ang. Oscar or Academy Award) annual prize awarded by the American Academy of motion picture arts and Sciences (the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science) in the field of film. Mainly American cinema.
Cannes Grand Prix Commercial The most important European film festival. Takes place every year in July in Cannes (France). Enjoys very high prestige in the industry. Promotes European cinema and art.
Sundance Film Festival Sundance Independent The most important in the world of independent film festival. Held annually in January at Sundance. Enjoys a high prestige in the environment of independent developers. For many of the winners has become a passport to career. Promotes young not known to a wider audience the creators (with a relatively small popularity).
Warsaw International Film Festival Audience Award Commercial Warsaw International Film Festival (called. Warsaw International FilmFest, formerly of Warsaw a week, Warsaw Film Festival) – the annual film festival in progress at the beginning of October in Warsaw. Presents new films cinema world, European and Polish. During the Festival the audience poll.
Award For Worst Film and Creators Golden Raspberry Commercial Gold (Raspberry. Golden Raspberry) award the worst films and filmmakers. (the opposite of the Academy). The organizer of this project is the film critic John J.B. Wilson. The statue of the Golden Raspberries is made of plastic, coated with gold paint and okręconego film tape super-8. For the stand's for a box after iced tea. The attached is a golf ball-sized Raspberry. The market value of the statuette is estimated at four dollars and ninety-seven cents. Malicious claim that the value of the statuettes is growing, as more and more difficult to get the tape of super-8. Prizes are awarded for twenty-four hours before the Academy Awards ceremony.
New Horizons Audience Award Independent New Horizons Film Festival held every year in Wrocław. The main goal of the Festival is to present cinema arts, unconventional and uncompromising. The program is scheduled for the public demanding and looking in the art of new experiences and, pending from the creators of their own, original language. “); The originator of the festival was Roman Gutek, and Gutek Film and the Nowe Horyzonty association deal with the organization.

Festival parameters

Each Festival is characterized by the following parameters:

  • time – particular month during the year when the prizes are awarded
  • prestige – affects the number of prestige points which player receives after winning nominations / awards at the festival
  • popularity – affects the amount of audience that wants to watch a movie after getting the nominations/Awards
  • Promotional costs – costs that need to be incurred when reporting a film to the festival
  • level from which it is available to the player
  • categories in which prizes are awarded
  • criteria to be met by the film in order to be nominated


Each Festival Grants Awards in various categories. Here is a summary of the category in which the individual festivals grant awards.

Festival Best movie Best Actor/Best supporting actor Best Actress/Best Supporting Actress Best Director Best Special Effects Best photos Best Music Best Screenplay
Oscar + +/+ +/+ + + + + +
Cannes + +/+ +/+ + + + +
Sundance + +/ – +/ – + +
Golden Raspberry * + +/- +/ – + + + +
NH +

* For the Gold Raspberry Festival, the prizes relate to the worst achievements in a given category.

Awards and nominations

The following items are taken into account during the nomination and the granting of awards at festivals.

In addition, for selected festivals/prizes, the following parameters may be taken into account.

  • popularity and talent of artists
  • studio
  • script parameters

Impact on other elements of the game

Earning nominations or rewards affects the following:

  • Prestige of the producer.
  • The popularity of the film (its more profitable)
  • Popularity of creators (and through popularity also at their price)
  • Talent of creators

The degree of influence depends on the prestige and popularity of the festival and the nature of the award (nomination/award).

Compilation of available festivals

The table below presents festivals in the game.


Time (months)


Popularity Promotional Costs Available on the level of Brief characteristics
Oskar March **** ***** 2 500 000 Amateur Flashes, flashlights and the tinsel of Hollywood. Preferred superproductions.
Cannes July ***** **** 1 000 000 Graduate Promotes European cinema and art.
Sundance January *** *** 10 000 Amateur Promotes young unknown to a wider audience artists.
WFF October * * 100 000 Graduate It presents new films of world cinema, European and Polish.
Golden Raspberry February **** Amateur Festival for the worst films and artists.
NH August ** * Professional The main objective of the festival is the presentation of artistic cinema, unconventional and uncompromising.

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