Poll. How often do you read descriptive reviews?

It's been a long time since there was a last poll. So today is a new about descriptive reviews available in the game. How often do you read descriptive reviews?

How often do you read descriptive reviews?

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And the question is indirectly linked with the new functionality, which should appear in a few days.

New poll: the real creators of the game is…

As we recently summarized the previous poll concerning the cheat codes in the game (Yes, you) time to collect opinions about other aspects of the game… New poll concerns so real artists in the game. Always seemed to me that this is one of the most important features of the movie Business… but at last playtest before the release of version 0.9.4 one of my good friends said that he did not pay attention to the names of… only to parameters… Heavily me surprised… hence the idea to find out how you see this issue… 

The real creators of the BF for me:

  • killer feature (64%, 39 Votes)
  • ciekawy "smaczek" (33%, 20 Votes)
  • unnecessary add-in (and so did I look at the names of the only parameters) (3%, 2 Votes)

Voters: 61

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The probe will also on the left side, on the home page… I encourage you to share your opinion…

Poll: Did cheat codes should appear in BF2

I'm not an advocate of cheating in games. Moreover, your opinion on this topic I in this text placed in Director's Cut When I discovered that players use prohibited practices in BFie. Recently, however, I looked at this issue from a slightly different perspective. Thanks to reading the first chapters of books dedicated to the Level Design which I mentioned You on the occasion of the collection on the pole. (Collection was a success and got already a brief but expert analysis, and the conclusions of it probably will contribute to the emergence of several new, small but interesting in-game items).

The author writes in it that the codes often use the most committed players to experiment and discover as much as possible depending on the game.

Don't panic on players who use fraud, until do not spoil the fun for other players. Codes to exclude some challenges allow them to tune the level of commitment to your own needs.

Hence the idea for this poll ... What do you think? Or cheat codes should appear in BF2?

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New poll on the remake of the first game

From today it is time for a new poll before, however, you will know the details of a few of your comment to the results of probes dedicated to Business difficulties.

The question was:

How to oceniłbyś the degree of difficulty of BF2?

Was given 67 votes and the results were as follows.

  • far too difficult (13%, 9 votes)
  • a bit too difficult (34%, 23 votes)
  • at the same time (39%, 26 votes)
  • a bit too easy (7%, 5 votes)
  • far too easy (7%, 4 votes)

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The results of a survey on social networking sites

Along with a new website started a new poll. However, as you probably what some have noted previous, on social networks has not yet been completed. It is high time to make up for the backlog and to present its results.

I recall that the question was: What social media do you use?
You can select more than one answer. A total of voted 136 people, and voices of the distribution is as follows.

  • Facebook (86)
  • NK (36)
  • No (33)
  • Google + (18)
  • Other (7)

In total, so no surprises (looking at the number of likes, + 1 or other markup, which an BF). Greatest among you is Facebook. Therefore, in the new version of the game appeared option informing about the trophies you have on your Board. (Yes, you thought, that these probes to anything not useful;)).

Quite a large number of people do not use any social network (or to not grant) therefore probably a good thing that there is a possibility the subscription information about BF (because otherwise you could have a problem with receiving information about What's new in the game – but we will see at the end of the current probes).

Google +, though it is still quite a young creation, slowly gaining their users. Personally I enjoy it because I find it most interesting with this type of portals.

About so I consider closed unless you have any ideas or comments about this issue. If such comments are at your disposal:).

Welcome to the new site Film Business

Projekt Biznes Filmowy doczekał się nowej odsłony strony oficjalnej. Dzięki przejściu na system WordPress, z którego korzysta większość komercyjnych stron i blogów, oprócz bardziej profesjonalnego wyglądu, zyskuję możliwość sprawniejszego wrzucania informacji i newsów oraz łatwiejszą administrację zawartością.

Readers, on the other hand, will be able to comment on individual entries, and also receive more intuitive access to social media, which is the current BF and new tracking page (RSS). I hope that will increase also the reliability of certain services (availability of downloads and probes).

I introduced a new system. You can test it right away, since today there is another poll (you can find it on the right side). This time the question is: "How to learn about the latest news in BF?".

Rozejrzyj się więc, na spokojnie, po stronie i w przypadku uwag lub propozycji, co jeszcze na niej mogłoby się znaleźć, pisz śmiało komentarze.

Starą wersję strony, zachowaną w celach nostalgiczno-historycznych, znajdziesz here.