Poll: Gamemaniac or filmmaniac

Once upon a time there was no poll so ... I think it's time for some new one. This time I wanted to ask you about whether you are more cinema- whether game-maniac. The Movie Business is so specific game, that tries to combine these two how different the world together . And I must admit, I have personally a little problem with that.

Sometimes, you asking me why the game does not have a mechanism from the real world of show business, that occur but are so seldom, that it is not worth to add them to complicate game mechanics, and at other times, I receives questions about some of the proven game mechanics, that make no sense from the world of film point of view.

Stąd cały czas przechodzę bóle egzystencjalne 😉 dotyczące tego jak wyważyć te dwa elementy. Will the game be more close to realism, but whether to abandon it in favor of a mechanic used in games on related subjects.

Hence the question is: Are you a filmmaniac or gamemaniac?

Are you game- and film- maniac

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And by the way the results of previous poll related to the real creators in the Movie Business. Here's how the distribution of the cast you votes…

The real creators in MB it is for me :

  • killer feature (64%, 39 Votes)
  • an interesting "relish" (33%, 20 Votes)
  • unnecessary add-in (I do not look at the names, only the parameters) (3%, 2 Votes)

Voters: 61

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As you can see the real creators in the game is important for you and distinguishing it from among other, similar production (which by the way is not too many).


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