New poll about stores with games

Today begins a new poll this time on sites, where do I buy the game. However, before I give you the details of time present the results of the previous polls in which the question was:

How to learn about the latest news in BF?

In the poll was given 164 the votes and the results presented in the following way (in parentheses the number of votes):

  • with email subscription (21)
  • from Facebook (20)
  • google + (4)
  • with profile, NK (1)
  • check the Web page (69)
  • accidentally (38)
  • from friends (11)

So how do you see, many people from time to time, simply enter the page. Many of you about the latest news on BF learns also accidentally. Remember that it is possible to subscribe to the subscription, that allow you to automatically receive information as soon as a new post on the. I encourage you.

The probe of computer stores

From today starts new poll in which I would like to know in what stores you buy computer games. I chose only a few of the stores because I am interested in exactly our home, in particular, those with digital distribution. I wanted to know how popular this form of buying games.


Long ago, there was no information about the progress of the work on the game, so on the occasion of small updates, and in this topic. Well, work in progress, Although the beginning of the year was dominated by two of my other projects Tomiga Links that is, a system to manage links and next version R2Do that is, applications task list reminder. But now I'm back to BFa. Unfortunately in the near future is not planning to release a new version of the, because currently I am preparing to play from supporting multiple languages. As it turned out it is more labor intensive than I thought, because there are far more text than I thought (Apart from of course review). So be patient.

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