BF2 version 0.7.7

It's time for my Christmas gift for all fans of BF2 in the form of a new version of the game. The most important changes I wrote in the previous memo. For a complete list of corrected errors and modifications can be found in the version history. Be Warned, It is difficult to. I hope that you will find some free time in the holidays and though a small part of you will spend playing in the Film Business. The game can be download from section Download MB2.

This year, it's probably the last note (I guess, that there are some serious problems with the new version), so I wish you healthy, Happy Holidays in a pleasant and family atmosphere, Champagne fun new year's Eve and all the best in the new year.

6 thoughts on “BF2 version 0.7.7

  1. It seems to me, that this version does not work the option of advertising “Every month, mainly for the X% gain from the previous month”. After entering the push “OK” and after returning to the window advertising the value is equal 0.

  2. When can we expect a version of the game supports recording and reading of the game?

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