BF2 version 0.7.7

It is time for my Christmas gift for all fans of BF2 in the form of a new version of the game. The most important changes I wrote in the previous memo. For a complete list of bug fixes and modifications you will find while in version history. Be warned, that is harder. I hope that you will find some free time in the holidays and though a small part of you will spend playing in the Film Business. Game download, of course, in the section Download MB2.

This year it's been probably the last note (unless you experience some serious problems with the new version), so I wish you a healthy, Happy Holidays in a pleasant and family atmosphere, champagne fun new year's Eve and all the best in the new year.

6 thoughts on “BF2 version 0.7.7”

  1. Wydaje mi się, że w tej wersji nie działa opcja reklamy “Every month, mainly for the X% gain from the previous month”. Po wpisaniu wartości wciskam “OK” i po powrocie do okna reklamy ta wartość jest równa 0.

  2. Kiedy można spodziewać się wersji gry obsługującej zapis oraz odczyt rozgrywki?

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