Interview with the author of the Movie Business on Games Gal

A few days ago contacted me Artur Dędek from the blog Games Galwho asked about the possibility of conducting an interview with me in the context of Movie Business. After a short thought, I decided that, why not. So today I have the pleasure to invite you to an interview with my person on this blog, which on every day brings together RPG Maker enthusiasts.

The interview was carried out by the communicator so excuse the stylistics of some statements. The whole, however, is quite extensive and it seems to me that it came out quite interesting. Perhaps you will find there some interesting facts about the history of the creation and the process of game development. So, I invite you to a long read, just right for Sunday evening.

Interview with the author of Movie Business on Games Gal

Designing experience and Movie Business

About three years ago I mentioned You about that on the portal PolakPotrafi I supported the crowfounding of book about game design by Jacek Wesołowski and the team Wonderland Engineering (Wszechświetności Engineering) entitled: Engineering games. Level design for beginners. As part of the prize, in addition to the e-book, I chose the Business. Since then, there have been a few versions of the game, in which I included part of the comments and suggestions contained in the prepared by Jack document.

Where such a surge of nostalgia? Well, more than a dozen days ago started a new project of the same team. This is again a book dedicated to designing games, this time, however, the more extensive and more comprehensive. Its title is Designing experience. Mechanisms, emotions, narration.

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Level Design and Film Business or collection on PolakPotrafi

A few days ago, on organising social financing has been started project for ebook "Engineering games. Level design for beginners. " For its implementation corresponds to the team forming the blog Wonderland Engineering, the main founder and leader is Jacek Wesolowski. Jack's blog (formerly Inżynieria Wszechświetności) I'm following already for a long time and very price his texts and knowledge of game design (worked on by several very famous AAA titles so it has a lot of experience). Therefore, I decided to support this project and his crew.

No good but why You write about it. Well, this action may indeed have an impact on Business. In what way? Among the prizes offered for support is one in which the authors of this publication will undertake analysis of any game in terms of its design, which is what's working, what's not yet and how it can be improved. Of course, the game, which I intend to analyse is… The movie business 2.

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About mobile applications

From time to time appear questions on the possibility of the emergence of the mobile version of the movie Business, along with the argument that such an application is that you can earn coconuts ... Well, I recommend you refer to the text Tomasz Zielinski the author of the popular (and useful) applications Transportoid posted on a very interesting blog wonderland-engineering. It describes the reality looks like from the typist mobile apps.

You can find full text at this link

Any comments are welcome… or new addresses

The last serious failures (the server aliases to Web pages) meant that access to services related to the project BF was heavily eroded. The whole situation irritated me enough that I made the decision to buy back its own domain.

Because I have a couple of non-commercial projects too expensive would be the establishment of a separate domain for each of them. Therefore, I decided to group all your "work" under one umbrella:

From today, so the official addresses of the parties associated with the film Business:

An additional benefit for you, with the new domains, no ads that pop up when I used the aliases

Although the old redirects still remaining (today, probably even work) is looking at their niedeterministyczność, I suggest to update your bookmarks and use the new, official addresses.

If You are interested in a slightly longer history I invite you to your private blog where I devoted this event full entry.

Business Film on Warsztat.GD

I decided to add the two parts of the Film Business to the directory

What is This is a Polish portal brings together amateur and independent development projects (mostly games). Everyone has the opportunity to show off your own creations. You will find there both the first samples of young students of the art of programming, programs and games created on the pass, demos, tools, and also quite powerful productions that can easily compete with commercial products.

If not terrible is You independent work (and probably not, since you play in BF) is a check This is the place. For sure you will discover there are several gems, You'll love.