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The last serious failures (server aliases to a Web page) have made, that access to services related to the design of the BF was heavily eroded. The whole situation irritated me enough, that I made the decision to buy back its own domain.

Because I have a couple of non-commercial projects too expensive would be the establishment of a separate domain for each of them. Therefore, I decided to group all of your "work" under one umbrella:

From today, so the official addresses of the parties related to the Film Business is:

Additional benefit for you, with new domains, It's no ads, that pop up when I used the aliases

Although the old redirects still remained (Today, probably even work) It's looking at their niedeterministyczność, I suggest to update your bookmarks and use the new, official addresses.

If You are interested in a slightly longer history I invite you to your private blog where I devoted this event full entry.

3 thoughts on “ or new addresses

  1. Jak juz masz wszystko pod kontrola, to moze niech to bedaprawdziwedomeny, a nie aliasy? Wyrazy uznania za odreklamowanie, przysluzyla sie ta awaria 🙂

  2. @Harry, a myślałem, że komentarz był pod wpisem na blogu (wordpress login) 😉

    Jak na razie trick jest taki: jest przekierowaniem gdyby ktos chcial linkowac do konkretnych wpisow jest domena 🙂 (z tym że wówczas adres nie zmienia się do konkretnych podstron)

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