Designing experience and Movie Business

About three years ago I mentioned you about, that on the portal PolakPotrafi I supported the crowfounding of book about game design by Jacek Wesołowski and the team Wonderland Engineering (Inżynieria Wszechświetności) titled Game Engineering. Level Design for Beginners. As part of the awards, apart from the e-book, I chose an analysis of the Movie Business. From that moment there were several versions of the game, in which I included some remarks and proposals contained in the document prepared by Jacek.

Why such a rush of nostalgia? Well, more than a dozen days ago started a new project of the same team. It is again the book about game design, this time, however, more extensive and more comprehensive. Its titled Design experience. Mechanisms, emotions, narration.

I think, that the comments submitted by Jack in his analysis of Movie Business positively influenced the development of the game, Therefore, I decided to use part of your donation, which you put to support my game and decided to help to the project of new publication of this already proven team. And again, one of the prizes is to analyze the game.

I think, it will be an interesting experience to read comments an experienced designer of games and see what was improved from the previous analysis (that was made on version 0.8.7)  and what elements still requires some work.

If you are interested in how games are created from the inside, I would think, that might be interested in this publication and to support the project. From my side, I encourage you and recommend it.

Details of the project can be found at this address:

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