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A few days ago, on crowdfunding service PolakPotrafi.pl has been started project for ebook "Game Engineering. Level Design for Beginners." For its implementation responsible is the the team who creates a blog Wonderland Engineering, Its main initiator and leader is Jacek Wesolowski. I am following Jack's blog (formerly Inżynieria Wszechświetności) for a long time and I do appreciate his writings and knowledge of the game design (He has worked on several very well known AAA titles so he has a lot of experience). Therefore, I decided to support this project and his team.

All right, but why does this matter to you. Well, this action may have an impact on the Movie Business. How? Among the prizes offered for support is such, in which the authors of this publication will make analysis of any game in terms of its design: what already works, what not and how it can be improved. Of course the game, I intend to be analyzed is… Movie Business (Biznes Filmowy) 2.

So if you are interested in making games and would like to read an interesting book, in Polish, on this subject I encourage you to support this project. If the action is successful by the way you will have an impact on the improvement of Movie Business!

If you are not sure whether the book you'll like, the authors have released three chapters, for free, which right now you can download and read.

I encourage you to check it out!!

For more information about collection including links to free chapters visit the project's website: https://polakpotrafi.pl/projekt/inzynieria-gier

Homepage Wonderland Engineering.

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