Update developers 31

I am pleased to present to you the next update of creators number 31. This time Kacper, hard working on the balance of the parameters of the current set, took a small break and decided to add a larger number of actors, which he believed was missing in the game. These are mostly solimid averages who have had the opportunity to play many famous films... But rather in less significant roles.

I, for my part, decided to complement the set of creators, fashionable lately, Scandinavian cinema (especially crime). I also added some interesting artists whose films could be watched during the last edition of the New Horizons Festival.

In total update adds or modifies 76 creators and 234 Photos. What makes the whole set exceeded 2000 Creators!!!

I hope this update will make you wait for the October area, when it starts a more intense period for film business fans and a real dump of information about the next version of the game…

For those who have forgotten how to update a set reminder link.

2 thoughts on “Update developers 31”

  1. Good morning
    I remembered this great game in which he played with his sisters in his youth.
    Unfortunately the installer on Windows 10 stops at 56%. ( “Preparing Setup – Please Wait… ) .

    I kindly greet!

    • Hi, you've unfortunately come to my vacation here so late answer. The probable problem is an antivirus on your computer (Kaspersky?) try disabling it during the installation of the game. If the problem persists please contact me by email… We will wonder what is being played.

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