Creators set update 31

I am pleased to present you another update of creators set version 31. This time, Kacper, who works hard over the balance of the parameters of current set of creators, He took a little break and decided to add more actors, which in his opinion he was lacking in the game. They are mostly reliable performers, who had the opportunity to play in many famous movies ... although rather in less significant roles.

From my side, I decided to complete the set of artists, fashionable lately, Scandinavian cinema (especially crime). I also added a few interesting artists, whose films could be seen during the last edition of the festival New Horizons.

In total update adds or modifies 76 creators and 234 photos. Making, that the whole default set has more than 2000 creators !!!

I hope, that this update will please your waiting till around October, when it starts to become more intense period for fans of the Movie Business and real flood of information related to the next version of the game…

For those who have forgotten how to update a set reminder link.

2 thoughts on “Creators set update 31

  1. Good morning,
    I remembered this great game you serve, together with her sisters in their youth.
    Unfortunately, the installer on windows 10 takes on 56%. ( “Preparing Setup – Please Wait… ) .

    We kindly greet!

    • Hello, unfortunately you come to my vacation here so late reply. Prawdopodny problem is antivirus on your PC (Kaspersky?) try turning it on time installing the game. If the problem still persists, please contact me via e-mail… we wonder what's going on.

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