Movie Business 2019 Update 5

Yes, another update that fixes several bugs is now available. Thanks again to Chino Derienwho reported career issues at the Professional level. Detailed information about corrected errors and a few new small things can be found in version history.

This time we also have a set update 57 

The largest contributors to this update are:

  • andrew89
  • Arek
  • Andy
  • Isimeli

The official set already included 4429 creators. In addition, appeared cult characters from MCU universe.

As usual, you can download the game from the subpage Download MB2

P.S. Soon I will have a task for you related to the next edition of the game;).

Movie Business 2019 Update 3

The next update of the Movie Business is now available. It contains mostly bug fixes (especially useful for players in career mode). Detailed information about the fixes can be found in version history.

In addition, game updates the set of creators to version 56that includes 4369 and more than 12 000 photos.

Game download from Download MB2

Special thanks to Chino Derien who reported problems with some career objectives and provide information so that I could quickly make fixes.

Remember when you find a bug/problem please inform me about it it significantly improves the process of troubleshooting. In the game there are several mechanisms to facilitate the search for problems and thanks to your help and additional information that you provide all the process improvement of the game is much faster.

Note: after the installation check whether you have the game marked as version v2019.0.3.19166. If the last number differs please unistall it and download again (the first installer contained an error, where there was a problem with unpacking creators photos).