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One of the ways of investing money is the opportunity to purchase paintings. This can be done during the auction. The winning bidder (offering the highest amount for the painting) you become owner of a work of art.

Why to invest in art:

  • price increase (but also possible decline)
  • cash collateral
  • trophies

Epoches and creators

Each painting has its author, which is assigned to one of the periods in painting (epoche). Paintings are divided into periods. In each period there are 5 painters with the 5 paintings.


Paintings are purchased at auctions where players bid and boost the prices. The player offers the highest amount becomes the owner of the image. Bought the image may be fake. In such case its value decreases for 50%. More about buying and selling paintings and same auction, please refer to: XXX

Art market

During the game, the paintings price changes. It is affected by the following factors:

  • random events determining the current fashion
  • Vico art connoisseur actions (sale / purchase of paintings)
  • incidences of occurrence of paintings from a particular period / given artist at auction

The current trends in the art market you find out from news. Given epoch can suddenly become trendy or passe.


Vico is a connoisseur of art. He takes participation in all auctions. His decisions (sale / purchase picture) has an impact on whole art market.

> Help > The Game > Investments

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