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One form of investing money it is possible to purchase images. This can be done during the auction. The winning auction (offering the highest amount per image) you become owners of works of art.

Why invest in art:

  • price increase (but can also drop)
  • cash collateral
  • trophies

Epoches and creators

Each of the images has its author, which in turn is assigned to one of the periods in painting (era). The images are divided into periods. Each period is 5 creators with 5 images.


Images are purchased at auctions where players bid on and raise the price. The player with the highest amount becomes the owner of the image. Bought the picture might be counterfeit. Its value falls then about 50%. More about buying and selling images and listings you will find in chapter: XXX

Art market

During the game image prices change. Impact on do not have a of the following factors:

  • random events determining the current fashion
  • the actions of the art connoisseur Vico (sell/buy images)
  • incidences of occurrence of paintings from a particular period / given artist at auction

About current trends in the art market, you know the news. The ice may suddenly become trendy or passe.


Vico is a connoisseur of art. It takes part in all auctions. Its decisions (sale/purchase) has an impact on the entire art market.

> Help > The Game > Investments

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