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In the movie Business you can make several types of investment. Not all bring a measurable effect right away, but each of them affects the various aspects of the game and can bring benefits for the player.

The main types of investment available in the game:

  • employment assistant
  • investment in studio
  • investment in arts
  • collecting cars

Below is a brief description of the various types of investments.

Employment of Assistant

Assistants have many characteristics that affect the various components of the game. Some of them are common for all the assistants, others are specific to a particular person. In addition, assistants provide additional information for the player of the game world it rules and dependencies, and purely statistical.

More information about assistants you can find here.

Investment in studio

Purchase of additional study allows for the ability to produce more films at the same time. Studies you can also expand and improve the effectiveness of increasing the special effects.

More information on investment in studios can be found here.

Investment in arts

The excess cash you can invest in art (specifically the images). Their buying is done at auctions, and the sale at any time. Art investing protects the network against part of the random events that are based on the percentage of the loss of cash.

For more information about the art market you can find here.

Collecting cars

The player can also collect cars.

More information about cars you will find here.


With the right amount of cars or images of the player can be tempted to organise the exhibition.

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