Cult characters

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It often happens that the character played by the actor in a particular film is so distinctive, that when a player creates your film (e.g. the equivalent of this production) mean exactly this role.

Some actors in the official database of the game have the photo clearly indicating what the creator has played in reality (eg. Keanu Reeves as Neo in the matrix). This means that the actor in addition to the standard 5 images assigned to their age may have additional photos of such a cult hero.

To make the photo as appeared instead of the standard during production and launch, you have to fill a given actor in the role of the iconic character (that is, in the scenario, the character he plays must have an appropriate name).

This does not affect profits or a review score of the film, it is rather a little relish for lovers of a particular form.

How to find out who the creators have iconic heroes ... sometimes you can get this information in the form of tips from assistants.

More about the cult characters and how to add your own, you can check in a special video tutorial.

> Help > The Game > Scripts > Create your own script

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