It’s time for Cyberpunk – Set update

I have another set update for you today. It is so unusual that it has its own trailer…

This is it.

Yes, it adds to the set of creators characters from the iconic game CD Projekt RED Cyberpunk 2077.

In addition, some Asian artists from the Five Flavors Festival

You will find there 75 creators and 150 photos.

The update will take place after launching a new game with the default set of creators (details can be found here).

After this update, the official set will contain 4901 creators.

We have city to burn!

Biznes Filmowy Gameplay Trailer

I have heard the regret of some users about the fact that the Movie Business does not have a trailer showing the gameplay. Until now was available only “Cinematic” trailer With the premiere of the 2020 Edition soon, I decided to prepare a new trailer, this time presenting elements of the gameplay.

I invite you to the screening.

Jak się podoba.. lajkujcie… jak nie, przesyłajcie swoje uwagi i komentarze 😉

Making of Movie Business Trailer

Today, another blog post in the series of Director’s cut that is, the text published on my private blog this time on how the first official trailer of the game. It is not limited only to the technical section, but it describes the entire process from assumptions, inspiration and initial ideas after the implementation of the technical and the problems associated with it.

Praising to I think it's quite an interesting text. The entry can be found on my personal blog

Premiere of the first trailer of Movie Business

Today I am pleased to present the official first official trailer Business. Fans are fond of playing on Facebook or having it in your circles on Google + can no longer see the pre-ordered version but they also find something new in this note.

I present to you, in fact, two versions of the trailer. Because I can't decide which of them should officially promote the game I decided to to you decided. Vote in poll, which of the following versions of the more you like it. Additional justification you can of course set in the comments.

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