Making of Movie Business Trailer

Today, another blog post in the series of Director’s cut or text published on my personal blog, this time it describes how the first official trailer of the game was made. It is not limited only to the technical section but it describes the whole process from the assumptions, inspiration and initial ideas to technical implementation and related to this problems.

I do not boasting, it's pretty interesting text. The entry can be found on my personal blog

Premiere of the first trailer of Movie Business

Today I am pleased to present the first official trailer of Movie Business. Fans who follows the game on Facebook or having it in it's circles on Google could already see a pre-release version but they also find something new in this note.

I want to present you two versions of the trailer. Because I can not decide, which one should officially promote the game it is you will make this decision . Vote in mini poll, which of the following versions you like more. Additional justification you can put in the comments.

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