or new addresses

The last serious failures (server aliases to a Web page) have made, that access to services related to the design of the BF was heavily eroded. The whole situation irritated me enough, that I made the decision to buy back its own domain.

Because I have a couple of non-commercial projects too expensive would be the establishment of a separate domain for each of them. Therefore, I decided to group all of your "work" under one umbrella:

From today, so the official addresses of the parties related to the Film Business is:

Additional benefit for you, with new domains, It's no ads, that pop up when I used the aliases

Although the old redirects still remained (Today, probably even work) It's looking at their niedeterministyczność, I suggest to update your bookmarks and use the new, official addresses.

If You are interested in a slightly longer history I invite you to your private blog where I devoted this event full entry.

New subscription

On the side of the Movie Business is the ability to subscribe to the subscription service in order to receive information, to a mailbox, in the case when you get some new information about the project. The current probe concludes, that some people in such a way he learns about news in the world of BF.

Unfortunately, in recent times, the system I used (provided by completely wailed. I was not able to send any messages. My patience is over and I made the decision to change the mailing tool. From now on it will be integrated with WordPress (that is the system that is running the current project's official website).

What is this change?

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