Test subscription

Migrating Your addresses to a new subscription system was completed. It turned out, that this can be done without having to involve you in the entire process of. Therefore, since this news all, who benefited from the old system should receive information about new entries to your mailboxes. About what to do to subscribe to and about the advantages of this method of tracking page you could read here.

New subscription

On the side of the Movie Business is the ability to subscribe to the subscription service in order to receive information, to a mailbox, in the case when you get some new information about the project. The current probe concludes, that some people in such a way he learns about news in the world of BF.

Unfortunately, in recent times, the system I used (provided by prv.pl) completely wailed. I was not able to send any messages. My patience is over and I made the decision to change the mailing tool. From now on it will be integrated with WordPress (that is the system that is running the current project's official website).

What is this change?

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