New poll about difficulty MB2

It's time for another poll. This time concerning the difficulty of the Movie Business 2. However, before I give you the details of time present the results of a previous probe in which the question was:

In which of the following places to buy computer games?

The number of responses is quite modest because it is only 37 votes, and their distribution is as follows (in brackets the number of votes/percentage):

 Czytaj dalej

  • (1/3%)
  • muve digital (2/5%)
  • (3/8%)
  • Allegro (11/30%)
  • None of the above (11/30%)
  • I don't buy games (9/24%)

So how do you see the buy games digital distribution sites in native is not very popular among the players of the movie Business.

The probe about the difficulty of the movie Business 2

Before the advent of the next version I would like to wysondować do you think that BF2 is too difficult or too easy? Your voice can have an impact on the balance of the game.


And some additional information. Those who follow the BF on social networks (Facebook, Google +) you probably have already seen a small trailer. So, the process of preparation of the games to support many languages has been completed. I was able to also create a translation of the game in the English version. So here is the next version of BF2 will be available in two languages: Polish and English. Testing yet translation and soon I will take the following fixes and improvements planned in the new version. More details after (my).

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