New poll about difficulty MB2

It's time for another poll. This time concerning the difficulty of the Film Business 2. However, before I give you the details of time present the results of the previous polls in which the question was:

In which of the following places to buy computer games?

Number of responses is quite modest: it is only 37 votes, and their distribution are presented in the following way (in parentheses votes / percentage):

 Czytaj dalej

  • (1/3%)
  • flies digital (2/5%)
  • (3/8%)
  • allegro (11/30%)
  • None of the above (11/30%)
  • I do not buy games (9/24%)

As you can see buying games in native digital distribution services is not very popular among players Film Business.

Poll of the degree of difficulty Film Business 2

Before the advent of the next version, I would like to probe whether you think that BF2 is too difficult or too easy? Your vote can therefore have an impact on the balance of the game.


I have some additional information. There, BF who follow on social networks (Facebook, Google ) probably already seen a little teaser. Yes, the process of preparing the game for multiple languages ​​has been completed. I also managed to create a translation of the English version of the game. Here is another version of BF2 will be available in two languages: Polish and English. Yet I test translation and soon I'll do another patch and planned improvement in the new version. More details on (my) vacation.

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