The results of the poll related to remake of the MB1

The unexpected appearance of trialer of MB and the pool about it caused, that had gone results from previous pool related to the remake of the MB1. Today it's time to close and comment on its results.

The question was:

Does it make sense to do a remake of the first part of the MB?

In the poll taken 275 people and here are how it was voted...

  • Yes, first part was cool!! 123 (45%)
  • No, MB2 is much better and has more options 130 (47%)
  • I do not know 22 (8%)

So how you can see players are divided almost equally. Because a bit more voices said, that MB2 is better ... plans of remake will be postponed for the time being to unspecified future ... However, there are a large number of players, that in spite of everything, would like to see such game. So this does not mean, that idea has been totally slaughtered ... for now just be transferred to the freezer ... but perhaps I will come back to it.

From my point of view, this remake could be an interesting test for example. some new technology, which could be used in the future for example. in MB2.

As long as it still continues to work on the second version of the game.…

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