Poll: Do the cheat codes should appear in MB2

I am not fan of cheating in games. I expressed my opinion on this topic in this text placed in Director's Cut when I discovered, that some players trying to cheat in Movie Business game.. Recently, however, I looked at the problem from a different perspective. Thus because reading the first chapters of a book on Level Designowi which I mentioned You on the occasion of the crawfounding action on Polak Potrafi service. (The action was a success and I have already gotten a brief but professional analysis, and the conclusions probably will contribute to the emergence of several new, small but interesting elements in the game).

The author writes in it about, that cheat codes often are use by most engaged players just to experiment and discover as much as possible elements in the game.

Do not get angry with the players, who use fraud, while not spoil the fun to other players. Codes excluding certain challenges allow them to adjust the level of commitment to their own needs.

Hence the idea for this poll ... what do you think? Do the cheat codes should appear in MB2?

Of course, because of the trophies, some game modes (challenges, career), MovieStats, statistics etc, it was necessary to limit some functions when using such code, for example,. lack of trophies, lack of exports to MovieStats, or the availability of them only in specific game modes (as quick game mode).

For the record Cheat Codes in the first part of the game allows for: unlock all artists, adding extra cash for player (this resulted in a lowering of prestige), repay the credit (also lowered the prestige), or extension of the game duration (This type of code will not be available because for this element there is another idea – more about it in one of the following notes).

In addition to the probe, where you can simply choose one of the options (you are “to” or “against” code), on move the appropriate forum topic, where you can more specifically refer to this topic and justify your opinion.

I encourage you for voting and discussions.

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