In the next version: Oscar speeches

Some time ago, one of the players suggested that after winning an Oscar, it should bepossible to give an Oscar speech. In the new edition you will have this opportunity.

This option will only be available if the player has won an Oscar for Best Film. He will then be asked if he wants to prepare an Oscar speech. If he so wishes, he will be given three options.

  • Short – will deliver one of the few shortest Oscar speeches in history
  • Custom – will be able to type your own, any text
  • Long – here we will be asked to provide only a few keywords and the assistant will prepare the full content of our speech

Note for players who speak Polish. For short or long versions, the language will be in English – so the questions about keywords will also be in English (after all, it's the Oscars let's feel the weight of this award...).

Although in fact the lack of a Polish version is due to difficulties in preparing it (this is a small feature, and a reasonable support for Polish adjective varieties would take me 5 times more time – and still probably would not work perfectly – that's why I decided to devote this time to other activities.) On the other hand, in this context, I think the English version defends itself quite well.

2 thoughts on “In the next version: Oscar speeches”

  1. An interesting idea, will certainly positively affect the game

    However, I write with the question: What is the situation with the development of developers during the game? Playing recently, I noticed that with the success of movies, creators change only popularity, not their other statistics. Is it possible to change this?

    • With the modification of paramtras, this matter is a little more complicated. First, parameters other than popularity also change during gameplay, but this is not so closely related to the videos produced by players. First, as creators begin their careers, their talent is diminished and slowly grows within the first 10 years of their career to face values. The same is true of popularity. In addition, over time, the creators get older (which affects their sexappeal and action parameter). When it comes to directly manipulating other parameters, it used to work like this, but it didn't quite work out. You could simply out of utter hopelessness to make a mega talented creator only after by non-stop hiring this creator for their films. At some stage of the game where the player can produce several movies at the same time and has large enough budgets that he can make good movies. This strategy was so simple (and effective) that it completely killed realism. Yes, I know that some would be happy to see something like this in the game, but in this element I prefer to stick closer to the real capabilities of the developers (after all, after this are in the game a real creator). Therefore, this behavior has been modified and talent is not changed.

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