Movie Business 2020 Update 2

The next update of the 2020 Edition is now available. This time, in addition to the correction of significant bugs, it also contains a few novelties. For details I invite you to the rest of the post.

Creators Awards Statistics

I have heard that some of you love statistics and you missed information about which of the creators won the most awards and nominations. Well, now you will be able to check it out. In Trophies and statisticians a new tab has appeared Rewards.

Cult classics

The idea was also put forward by one of the players. Some of your films can become iconic classics (cult classic). The biggest problem of this idea was to define the cult word and translate it into zero-one world – so that such videos do not appear too often. Finally, I came up with a simple idea of an algorithm that should work out. Note so far, the iconic classics are for weak films (with a rating < 3 stars). And this is, for example, the cases such as “movie so bad that it's good”. In addition to the appropriate status (such a video will receive the appropriate tag) this will affect its profits. Very weak movies still probably won't pay off, but at least their losses will be a little less severe.

New search codes in serach engine

New serach codes will appear in the search engine:

scriptTag, filmTag, Tag

it allows to find films that contain the appropriate themes/tags. And so, respectively, they will be the tags of the script, film, and the script or film.

Example of how to use: scriptTag=theme name


Another service that will appear in the search engine will also be Paypal that is, the possibility of transferring money to another player. This option will be available in a party game and will be useful if you play in the company of other human players when they go in cash problems.

Example of how to use: Paypal=player's name;amount


Changes to cameo handling

I have received signals that the current implementation of cameo performance is not entirely intuitive. Specifically, it's an inactive button when you create a new scenario. It will now be active and will insert macro characters as a name: [cameo]. This macro will automatically change to the name of the person playing the role when the film production will start. Of course, the old way (manually entering this name and name will also work).

Of the most important bugs that have been corrected, these are the ones about meeting with creator about the role or discussing the scenario. Special thanks to Wojciech Tadeusz to inform me of the problem.

General note if you encounter a problem or strange behavior then let me know about it, because although the system of automatic detection of errors in the game works quite well when it comes to purely programming problems, however, it is not able to detect logical errors in the behavior of the game.

Detailed information about the corrected bugs and a few trifles can be found in the version history.

As usual, you can download the game from the page Download MB2


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