In the next version: Custom Creator Sets

Welcome to the New Year 2023. On this occasion, it's high time for the first information about the novelties that will appear in the next edition of the game. Custom Creator Set are back in the game in a new, simpler form.


The second part of the Movie Business allowed the use of non-standard sets of creators from the beginning. There was even an editor that allowed you to create your own sets. However, this functionality did not gain much popularity among players, hence the idea to provide players with the ability to add missing creators to the main set. That's how it was created MovieStats where you can submit your own proposals to the official set of the game online.

Over time, it turned out that the editor is not needed (I also use only MovieStats) therefore, work on its development was abandoned. However, I have received feedback that there are players who would like to be able to create and edit custom Creator Kits.

So I decided to introduce user kits in the 2023 edition. This time there will be no dedicated editor for it, because the file format itself is to be extremely simple, so you can edit it in any text editor or in tools such as Excel.

Custom creator sets will be stored in a text file in the format .csv (Comma-Separated Values) where each attribute will be separated by a semicolon.

You will be able to use your own sets in the party game. Using such a set will cause several restrictions during the game:

  • will not be available trophies
  • you will not be able to export movies to MovieStats after the game
  • will not be available Stories and some Quizzes
  • will not be available cult movies

More details about the format and how to create a new custom set will appear in the dedicated post.

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