In the next version: Dubbing

One of the new functionalities that will appear in the 2022 Edition is the ability to Dub animated characters.

When creating a scenario and adding new characters to it, you can enter the character's name. Contrary to appearances, this information can be quite important and is already used in the game in several ways.

By default, when opening a form that adds a new hero to a scenario, after selecting a gender, you can generate his name randomly (according to the character's gender) or enter your own.

As you entered the new name, you may have seen that the control sometimes takes a different color. This is when

  • character name is the name of some cult character in-game (green)
  • The character name is the name of some cult character in the game for the currently selected actor playing the character in the script
  • name is a name monster (green)

The second and third options replace the creator's photo with

  1. the character of a cult character played by a given creator
  2. monster character

In the 2022 edition, there will be an additional option that allows you to dub animated characters. That is, if the name of the hero is identical to the name of the currently available character with the anime sex, then the dubbing option will be made available (in addition, the name control will be highlighted in pale red).

What does that mean? After indicating that a given character named animki is to be dubbed, then the photo of it will appear instead of the actor / actress selected to play a given role. In addition, the word dubbing (e.g. actor (dubbing) will appear next to the role name.

So in practice, any one (an actor with the properties defined in the script) can voice the animated character. This means that instead of choosing an animation, we will choose a creator and its parameters will be taken into account during the film evaluation.

Information about dubbing may also appear in the content of the review (although they do not have to).

So it is an additional possibility when choosing creators to play with photos.

Above you can see the difference between the dubbed cast (where the actors voice the animated characters) and the character cast by the anime (in this case, it's a cameo performance).

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