In the next version... Monsters

Currently, there is an option in the Movie Business called cult characters which allows you to change the photo of characters playing iconic roles in famous films. In the new version, I will expand the ability to modify the displayed photos of the creators… with monsters!

Some characters have become iconic in the history of cinema. They are often different types of monsters. They can come from literary classics like Dracula or Frankenstein or be created by cinema like King Kong or Alien. Often, such a hero is not associated with a particular actor but is a character in himself played by different artists at different times. In the game you will be able to use the image of such a monster regardless of who will play him in our movie.


How is this supposed to work? Again, the script's character name will be used for this purpose. If this name is recognized by the game as "Monster" then the actor's photo will be replaced with the photo of the given monster. So giving our hero the name Dracula will cause that his photo will be replaced by a generic photo of Dracula.

Cult characters and Monsters

In case that the actor has played the character of such a monster in his career and he will have a cult photo related to this role, it will have priority over "generic” monster.


To check the list of available monsters in the game in the search engine, enter a special code showAllMonsters

2 thoughts on “In the next version... Monsters”

  1. A pretty cool thing i even moved with you on the animates to give live creators as their voice. Then it would reduce the surreal elements that Bugs Bunny was stopped by the police, although I admit it's ridiculous it strikes a little bit out of immersion.
    Well, but this is the first and important step and I keep my fingers crossed for this version!

    • Well, dubbing is a little more complicated. Note that now animki live their own lives so they have separate stats. The idea is saved but I do not know how to integrate it into the game…

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