2021 Edition Preview

I wanted to officially inform you that the work on 2021 Edition Movie Business 2 is already ongoing.

So if you have any ideas, it's the last moment to report them. And below you will find some more important information.

For my part, I will say that in this edition I do not plan to introduce too many new functionalities and focus more on expanding the current mechanics, adding depth to the game and expanding the content in the game (mainly Stuff, Quests and Events) in such a way that it becomes even more diverse and intriguing. This does not mean, however, that there will be no new features. There will be fewer of them, but I think they will be quite interesting and revolutionary in their own way.

Due to the fact that one of the functionalities is quite ambitious and its proper preparation will take a long time, the premiere of the 2021 edition will not take place before the Oscars. I find it difficult to estimate at the moment when I will be able to generate new content in a form satisfactory to me, but I will try as the work progresses to inform you about the planned changes and new features.

For now, I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday in the coming (hopefully better) 2021.

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  1. When we have our own studio, will other computer players also be able to use the services of our studio?

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