Update on the creators of 44 with a surprise for contributors

Another update set of creators just saw the light of day. It contains 86 and 508 photos (including more than 200 cult artists). The largest contributors allowed this update:

  • Balša Milijaš
  • Tomas Av
  • andrew89 

Plenty of cult characters as usual was added by Łukasz Oleksiak.

Since the last zasypaliście me suggestions makers, which have not had time to review and verify any time soon you can expect the next update.

Today's update had one goal, test out new functionality in the MovieStatsthat is, that at the time of the release of new update set of creators, all contributors allowed to this version will receive an email with the information as proposed by their creators in the update. It is a kind of little thing but I hope it will remind you that your work associated with proposal makers has its tangible results.

Here one more Note If you get an email, and last not dodawaliście new proposals, that is, one with the added in the past by the creators had to update (may affect the data, parameters, or added photos basic or the iconic heroes played by that person).

The update will take place after launching a new game with the default set of creators (details can be found here).

In total, the default set of games already has 2567 creators.

Update on the creators of 43

And we have another creators set update… This time, quite a lot. It contains 181 creators and 435 photos. The largest kontrybutorami this update were andrew89 and Karol. For his part, I managed to add at the end a bit from years 70 's and early 80 's. In addition, supplemented the set of about a dozen less popular artists emerging in the cult films and iconic characters in them.

Update will apply when you run the a new game a default set of authors (details can be found here) – It may take quite a while.

In total, the default set of games already has 2544 creators.

Cheat Codes

I think it is high time to end the current poll related to cheat codes in the second part of the game.

There were 198 votes. By what 116 people would like to have the option, 73 No, and 9 people stopped. By the way, expanding my knowledge in the field of game design, my approach to cheat codes last bit has evolved ... because it turns out that it's not always about the fraud. Just do not all want to/can afford long playing a game, and sometimes want to stress, shoot some movies with well-known artists, which probably reflects well on the same game ... that no extra motivation (in the form of challenges or other "zachęcaczy") If you like in it, just play ...

Immediately uspokajam those where such an option does not, that cheat codes will not be available in all game modes, and only those, where they will not interfere with achievement and other gameplay objectives (as in career mode or challenge).

So officially I confirm that cheat codes will appear in the next version… but there is nothing for free if you wanted to have such option that I have a task for you ... or even two.

Pierwsze brzmi jakiego rodzaju cheat kody chętnie byście zobaczyli w grze. Domyślam się, że obowiązkowo ma być to zwiększenie dostępnej gotówki. Ale może macie jakieś inne propozycje… np. słyszałem, że niektórzy nie lubią animków i może chcieliby je wyłączyć? Dajcie znać co ewentualnie jeszcze można by wrzucić pod ogólne pojęte cheat codes / easter eggs 😉

The second task related to the first is password, that these codes would activate ... instead of writing such as $100 million can be used for some of the famous quote from the movie like "Show me the money"which exclaimed, Cuba Gooding, Jr. in the film Jerry Maguire

And if you do not take advantage of the opportunity to give some own ideas ... well… you will be one to blame…


42 developers update

As that before the last releasem I could not focus on adding the creators, the update appeared set projection on the tape before this year's ' Oscars ' of. It contains more than 60 the creators and 170 photos. In addition to me, the biggest contributor of this update was Jan. This time the update is versatile because in it we have a bit of everything:

  • new artists (Polish and foreign)
  • a few candidates for this year's Oscars
  • new cult characters
  • the older artists that appear in the cult films
  • improvement of several poor quality photos

I'm glad that add their own suggestions for the developers I would point out, however, about the quality of photos (must be properly scaled to there is no deformation due to bad aspect ratio).

Update will apply when you run the a new game a default set of authors (details can be found here). In total, set the default game already contains 2395 creators.

Version 0.9.4 available for download

As promised, just before another Gala hand Oscars I am pleased to present the next version of the movie Business 2 marked passes 0.9.4. However, before download it a few words of introduction.

As usual, a summary of the most important changes and innovations introduced in this version can be found at version history, and a more detailed description of the new functionality in the entry on my personal blog.

Read moreVersion 0.9.4 available for download

Update 40 developers

After a long break, time for a little set update. It contains 58 the creators (new or updated) and 64 photos. The largest contributors allowed to this update it Durve, Tomas Av and robbert. The update will occur when you start the game with the default set of authors (details can be found here). In total, set the default game already contains more than 2330 creators.

The hotfixes and the updates that is, version 0.9.3

I am pleased to present you the versions 0.9.3 The movie business 2. This time, it contains mainly fixes (mostly) small errors, modifications of certain algorithms, updates and reviews as well as two visible to You. The ability to move the roles in the scenario and using real quotes from movies (contains a few hundred famous texts).

Detailed information about the changes can be found in version history and you obtain as usual from the page Download MB2.

Have fun.

Update on the makers of 38, this oskarowa

From today there is another update. As the next gala oskarowa just right it contains more than a dozen artists nominated this year for the award, which was lacking in the BFa. The whole update contains 67 creators and 149 photos (including a few cult characters). The largest contributors allowed to this update it Slowik (which he added quite a bit of Polish developers) and Filip.

The update will occur when you start the game with the default set of authors (details can be found here).

New layout

The current theme of the service though was very functional a little differed from today's Web standards. I decided to it so a little refresh. Quite a long time I was looking for a template that would be to as functional as the original. In the end I managed to find one that meets my expectations. Here's so I am pleased to present a refreshed page was the official game business.

In addition, the CV home page, available at moviebusiness.tomiga.net also has been modified to include links to the most important section of the website.

As usual, any comments and comments about the new layout mile wdziane.

Teaser or wiedźcie, that something's going on

The fact that a few weeks ago appeared another version of the game does not mean anything but that from that point on, I already have the holidays. The time will come as a little and you'll want… For now, he is working on some new features in MovieStats, as well as a little surprise ... The Herald will let this little teaser ...

And with a completely different, it's been a few weeks since the release of v 0.9.1 in connection with this Jig Your comments concerning him. I am looking for your productions I have a few thoughts and ideas which could be improved in the next version. Let me know in the comments or on the forum what you like, and what requires still some amendments or changes.

In any case, know that something is going on and stay tuned for more information ...

Version 0.9.0 available for download

Z przyjemnością chciałem ogłosić że, po kilku miesiącach intensywnych prac, można już pobrać wersję 0.9.0 Biznesu Filmowego 2. Zanim jednak to uczynicie przeczytajcie jeszcze kilka ważnych informacji.

Information about changes and news in this release can be found in version history, and a more detailed description of the new functionality in the entry on my personal blog.

Wraz z nową wersją, gra wymaga uaktualnionej biblioteki .NET Framework (do wersji 4.5). Spokojnie, najprawdopodobniej nic szczególnego nie musicie robić, bo pewnie macie je już zainstalowane na Waszych systemach (biblioteka ta jest bardzo popularna i jest używana przez wiele aplikacji jak np. sterowniki karty graficznej). Jeżeli podczas instalacji nie zostanie ona wykryta instalator poinformuje Was o tym i wskaże gdzie można ją download. Gdyby jednak z jakiś powodów coś poszło nie tak, po prostu dajcie mi znać na maila. Będę starał się Wam pomóc rozwiązać problem.

Read moreVersion 0.9.0 available for download

Aktualizacja twórców 32

To już ostatni wpis przed świętami. Jak się zapewne domyślacie oznacza to, że w tym roku nie pojawi się nowa wersja BF2. Musicie na nią poczekać do przyszłego roku (wbrew pozorom nie jest to już tak długo). Aby umilić Wam ten czas oczekiwania mam dla Was nową aktualizację twórców. Zawiera ona 56 nowych i zaktualizowanych postaci oraz 174 zdjęcia.

For those who have forgotten how to update a set reminder link.

Jak wspomniałem to ostatni wpis przed świętami w związku z tym życzę Wam spokojnych, ciepłych, rodzinnych świąt i ciekawych prezentów pod choinką.

A jeszcze mała informacja dla darczyńców. Po świętach prawdopodobnie otrzymacie maila z małą niespodzianką

T-Shirts and shop with gadgets of Movie Business

Mdc BFMB LogoGmina Mikołajki is coming and Christmas so this is the best time for gifts. And going against the biggest fans of the games I have for you a little surprise. Well, you can yourself (or your family) to make a gift in the form of gadgets related to the Business.

From today officially is available shop with gadgets game-related Business. On the face of it they go several types of t-shirts with themes of the game. More details you'll find out with the new section Shop.

Cult characters

Just as there is a new version of the game, and I think the other interesting features. One of the following ideas that appeared are called. the cult of heroes.

What it is?

It often happens that the character played by the actor in a particular film is distinctive enough that when you create your film (e.g. the equivalent) do you think carefully about this role.

Hence the idea to the actor that plays the roles had photo clearly indicating at what's going on. This means that the actor in addition to the standard 5 images assigned to their age will be able to have additional photos of such a cult hero.

Read moreCult characters

Art market and selling of paintings

Już od dłuższego czasu w Biznesie Filmowym 2 istnieje możliwość zakupów dzieł sztuki w postaci obrazów. No właśnie… zakupu, nic więcej nie można z nimi zrobić. Nowa wersja w końcu umożliwi pełne inwestowanie na tym rynku.

Po pierwsze obrazy będzie można sprzedać. Po drugie ceny obrazów będą się zmieniać w zależności od kilku czynników. Będą to m.in: wydarzenia, częstość występowania danego typu obrazu (z danego stylu/konkretnego autora) na aukcjach, a także reakcje rynku na działania konesera sztuki Vico.

Zyski (bądź straty) nie będą zbyt duże ale inwestowanie w dzieła sztuki ma chronić kapitał, przede wszystkim przed zdarzeniami losowymi (które operują na procencie posiadanej gotówki przez gracza). Oczywiście nie można zapomnieć o trofeach powiązanych z tym elementem gry.

To wszystko w wersji 0.8.5

New game mode

Kolejną nowością planowaną w najbliższej wersji Biznesu Filmowego jest nowy tryb gry. Przyznam, że nie planowałem dodawać kolejnych trybu ponieważ wydawało mi się, że aktualna ich liczba jest wystarczająca i dostarcza szeroki wybór wariantów rozgrywki. Po dyskusjach z graczami okazało się jednak, że mają oni nieco inny punkt widzenia i chcieli by czasami pograć bardziej bezstresowo.

Oto więc założenia nowego trybu, który roboczo został nazwany Quick game.

Read moreNew game mode

About mobile applications

From time to time appear questions on the possibility of the emergence of the mobile version of the movie Business, along with the argument that such an application is that you can earn coconuts ... Well, I recommend you refer to the text Tomasz Zielinski the author of the popular (and useful) applications Transportoid posted on a very interesting blog wonderland-engineering. It describes the reality looks like from the typist mobile apps.

You can find full text at this link

Any comments are welcome…

MovieBusiness new site alias

The movie business has another alias official website www. This is the moviebusiness.tomiga.net that redirects to the home page where it is easier to select a language version. This is making it easier for all non English speaking players.

Alias biznesfilmowy.tomiga.net of course still works and the player who speak the language of Polish may continue to use it. They will be directed immediately to the site with news in Polish.

Improvements MovieStats

MovieStats doczekało się nieco bardziej interaktywnej strony głównej. Oprócz ogólnego opisu pojawiło się tam kilka tabel z ostatnimi wydarzeniami w serwisie.
Oprócz tego bardziej spostrzegawczy gracze zauważą kilka drobnych usprawnień w BoxOffice oraz szczegółowych informacjach o filmach.

I have also updated the sections Screenshot gdzie umieściłem kilka obrazków z MovieStats.

Jeżeli macie jeszcze jakiś propozycje usprawnień tego serwisu to nie krępujcie się ich zgłaszać, może uda się niektóre z nich wprowadzić.

Movie Business on IndieDB

Biznes Filmowy podbija świat… a przynajmniej spróbuje. Stwierdziłem, że gra jest na tyle dojrzała, że warto ją zaprezentować nieco szerszej publiczności. Tak oto gra doczekała się swojego profilu na jednym z największych portali promujących gry niezależne IndieDB.

Profil gry znajdziecie pod adresem: http://www.indiedb.com/games/movie-business-2

We'll see if it brings something positive for the project…

Tomiga Film Awards 2013

Pierwszy wpis w 2014 roku będzie nieco offtopicowy. Otóż rok temu po raz pierwszy na swoim prywatnym blogu zrobiłem roczne podsumowanie filmów, które obejrzałem w poprzednim roku wraz z przyznaniem wirtualnych nagród dla najlepszych filmów i twórców. Ponieważ pomysł spodobał się kilku moim znajomym postanowiłem go powtórzyć w nieco rozszerzonej formie. Tak oto mam zaszczyt zaprezentować Wam Tomiga Film Awards 2013.

Jeżeli więc interesuje Was jakie filmy ogląda autor Biznesu Filmowego i jakie ma gusta filmowe to zapraszam na na mojego prywatnego bloga do całego zostawienia.

Oczywiście nie krępujcie się jeżeli chcecie podyskutować nad konkretnymi wyborami lub polecić mi jakieś produkcje, które nie miałem okazji oglądać.

Tomiga Film Awards 2013 znajdziecie klikając na ten link.

Miłej lektury!

New poll on the remake of the first game

From today it is time for a new poll before, however, you will know the details of a few of your comment to the results of probes dedicated to Business difficulties.

The question was:

How to oceniłbyś the degree of difficulty of BF2?

Was given 67 votes and the results were as follows.

  • far too difficult (13%, 9 votes)
  • a bit too difficult (34%, 23 votes)
  • at the same time (39%, 26 votes)
  • a bit too easy (7%, 5 votes)
  • far too easy (7%, 4 votes)

Read moreNew poll on the remake of the first game