In the next version: Garage, Gallery, Artifacts and Parties

Today, a brief summary of some of the latest news that will appear in the 2021 edition.


Among the ideas of players there is an option to have some collection of "trophies". And that, with the Stories artifacts will appear then I decided to put them in a dedicated section.

Well, the menu Investments will now be divided into several additional areas. But My Stuff we will receive new tabs: Artifacts, Gallery and Garage.

Some sample artifacts received after successfully completing Stories (Stories are only available in party play).

By clicking on a specific photo we will receive information about the object. And some artifacts will also have special “Actions” after two clicks.

As you may have guessed, you will be able to view your Artifacts, owned by Paintings and Cars together with other iconic vehicles.


The 2021 edition will allow us to participate in parties.

From time to time, a player can be invited by their friends (yes, if we have a good relationship with someone) to a party. The event can be used to talk to guests or other creators with whom the hosts have a good relationship. This is a place where you can establish new or strengthen existing relationships, ask about various rumors, or about the interests of a given creator.

Finally, good news. Work on the 2021 edition is now close to completion. Recent tests and tweaks are underway. So the release date “before the Oscars” appears to be not at risk.

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