In the next version: Custom Monsters

One of the novelty that appeared in the 2020 Edition game were Monsters. For the record, the monsters allowed us to change the pictures of the actors in our film into pictures of monsters when the name of the hero sounded like a monster that we wanted to include in the film. That is, if the character played by X was called Dracula, instead of photo X there was an image of the most famous vampire.

The mechanics of this functionality are very simple, but you have pointed out to me that its potential is much greater. After all, in addition to monsters, you can in the same way replace photos with other characters, such as superheroes. But that's just one example. Therefore, I decided that in the next version I will give you the opportunity to expand the library of monsters yourself. A new menu will appear in the game Tools and in it the option Add monster so you can add your own pictures of characters that you would like to use in your movies… for example various superheroes or comic book characters.

Standard rules will apply when you add a photo. The name of the file with the photo will be the name of the character. And the photos themselves must be in Jpg (with jpg extension) with a size of 100 x 120 pixels which is the standard used in the game.

I hope that this bit of freedom will sweeten some people with the lack of an editor for the game ... (which some people miss a lot) but remember that you can add completely new creators in MovieStats.

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