In the next version: New response types

In the next version, some quests, interviews and press conferences will be expanded with a new way of interacting. They will be open answers, that is, those where you yourself will have to / can type any text.

Open type responses did not appear in the original version because they generally introduce many problems. First of all, they can not be interpreted (or at least it is very complicated given the multilingualism of the game). It is also impossible to control too much what the player enters, so it is difficult to do something with such information. An additional problem is the fact that they require a bit of intellectual effort, so they can be ignored by some players. On the other hand, for other players, such a simple procedure sometimes allows to increase engagement.

What else will distinguish this type of question? Well, questions with open answers will be telemetry. Specifically, replies will be sent to MovieStats. This is to improve the game in the long term... in the form of using your interesting, intriguing or funny answers as options for answering specific questions.

Therefore, in the next version of the game, you can have some questions during interviews or conferences in the closed version (having a predefined list of answers to choose from) or open (where you can enter whatever you want). This behavior will be random ... but I think it will spice up a bit too often repeated questions at conferences.

An additional reason for introducing such a possibility is the greatest functionality that will appear in the 2021 Edition ... but as work on it is still very intense, I will not reveal the details ... more about it in one of the next entries.

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