In the next version: A new type of players non-player or not only Netflix

In the 2021 edition there will be a new type of players.... “not players” :). What they will characterize and for what purpose they will be introduced about it you will learn in today's post.

Currently, there are 3 types of producers in the game:

  • Human players,
  • komputerowi gracze sterowani przez AI
  • and virtual producers.

Wirtualni producenci to prawdziwe studia, które są wypełniaczami Boxoffice and Festiwali Filmowych. Ponieważ coraz więcej osób domaga się wprowadzenia platform streamingowych (tak, szczególnie młodsi graczefajnie, że jacyś są 😉 – want to see Netflix in the game) I decided to respond to these requests in some way. However, I will do so in a new way that gives some additional opportunities.

Well, it will be realized by a new type of players (Non Players). The name comes from the fact that on the one hand the player (human) will not have any influence on these players (ie will not be able to choose such players for the game or not). Secondly, such players will appear dynamically during the game. This is due to the fact that Netflix is a relatively new invention and does not specifically fit into the "realistic" part of the Movie Business. It will therefore appear within a certain time frame of the game. So, won't there be anything before Netflix...? – Not quite.

Well, such “non players” there will be 3 types. VOD services, TELEVISION Stations, and Companies/Corporations.

Here “not players” who will join the game when it is launched in 2000.

TV stations and Corporations will be able to appear in an earlier phase of the game (but also not simultaneously), at the latest VOD services will appear. An additional interesting fact resulting from such mechanics is... that as the game progresses, it will become more difficult (because there will be new competition – interestingly, this competition will have a lot of opportunities – larger than a regular player or even a computer player).

What's more, as "non-players" will actually be players (but not all their actions will be visible), we will get an additional bonus in the form of the possibility of creating a movie for Netflix – lub np. stacji telewizyjnej (będzie to po prostu funkcja zostanie producentem wykonawczym – although possible with minor twists) which some players have also asked for. And why corporations... as you guessed to outsource to you the production of advertising ... that is, specific, short films.

How do you like this feature? Do you have any additional suggestions?

4 thoughts on “In the next version: A new type of players non-player or not only Netflix”

  1. Great thing. I like going back to BF every now and then and I always come to the good news or some new updates.

    My suggestion:
    The previous forum was livelier, there is no… Dead. Maybe you're considering going back to another script for discussion forums? The current one pushes away a little.

    Your game is second to none – try to advertise it a little.

    • As for the viability of the forum, I do not think that the problem lay in the enginie on which it is placed. The problem is rather with the age range of players. Well, production for many reasons is rather niche and, moreover, age players are already more people earning on themselves and having more serious matters on their head than giving in to the forum growym. Honestly, it gets more information in private messages on Facebook than on the forum. Another thing that the previous forum, contrary to appearances, was not at all more vital. Well, maybe 5 years ago something else happened there (moreover, check the dates of entries).

      As for the transition to the new engine there were two reasons for this.
      a) support for English (the game has already ceased to be typically local and currently the distribution of players is about 50/50 when it comes to Polish and not Polish language)
      b) integration with wordpress, which stands on my server (so I have control over it, and recently many of the free services just disappear… especially as niche as forums)

      As for the forum looks like it may be a bit more complicated at first glance but it has definitely more options.
      So changing the forum is hardly an option.

      As for advertising… unfortunately, this is not as simple a matter as it might seem (unless you want to spend more time on marketing than writing the game itself – well, on the one hand I can not, and on the other I do not want to afford.) Regarding the effectiveness of marketing is unfortunately the game looks like it looks and its spartan looks does not help in its “Selling”. Youtubers do not even deign to write off the email (and to a few even sent info that such a game exists with a detailed description and any materials). And it's from youtubers who deal with indie games / tycoons (that is, let's say that the game should be in the general circle of interest of a particular youtuber). Well, but it's better to make a movie about something more popular… and certainly better looking or something very stupid for the proverbial “Beki” because of this are cliques and cash from advertising… and this whole youtube now lies.

      Unfortunately, this is today's online reality… all in all, this is a topic for a completely separate (and quite long entry).

      As for advertising, it remains only a good word for satisfied players… for nothing else at the moment you can not really count on…

      P.S you have no problems writing comments? (because I, as the admin of this site, I can not send a comment from the… I have to use the admin panel – ironically)

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