Movie Business 2 Edition 2020 ready for download!

Edycje 2020 Movie Business 2 is ready to download. However, before you proceed to download the file, a few summary words about what you will find in this version.


The most important new features and changes that you will find in this release:

  • scouting – allows you to look for new talents
  • interviews / press conferences – take care of notoriety
  • addiction – for creators
  • banquets – events after the premiere
  • Monsters – Iconic monsters to use in your movies
  • cult vehicles – for outstanding in-game achievements
  • new quests, events during production
  • cult movies from 2019
  • stuff (publications, phone calls, diary …)
  • photos of young talent generated by Artificial Intelligence
  • updated set of creators (almost 5000) with new cult characters
  • user interface improvements, optimizations, donor bonuses

A detailed description of the most important changes can be found in a dedicated post What's new in Edition 2020 of Movie Business 2 where in a very detailed way I describe the mechanics and motivations behind the new elements introduced. A brief description of the changes can be found in version history

Some statistical information about the 2020 edition

  • creators set version 59 containing almost 5000 creators!
  • 5700 reviews elements
  • almost 13 000 pictures of creators and cult characters

Important information

Changes also touched the current base MovieStats which has been cleared of your statistical information and films. Your profiles have remained.

Probably you impatiently wait to check the new version.

How to download

You download it as usual with subpage Download MB2 (where there are direct links to the game on and IndieDB).

Of course, as always, I am waiting for your comments, ideas, reactions and, of course, information about problems or bugs. I invite you in particular to share your opinions on new Forum!

In case of problems

If you download/install you run into a problem with the Windows Defender check out This thread on the forum!

If you have not heard about the Movie Business and you are here for the first time, you can also refer to the section Director's Cut and Help page, where you can find a lot of information that can help you in the early stages of exploring, this already quite extensive, games.

If you like the game I remind you of the possibility of Donations 🙂

If you haven't seen it yet, here is the new trailer containing gameplay elements


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  1. Świetnie! Już kilka dni temu odwiedzałem stronę i jak zwykle jestem taki zafascynowany, wracam do gry już chyba 5 rok z rzędu, dziękuję!

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