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Game + is a special mode available for Donors (at the Bronze level and higher) allows you to continue the game after completion of a normal game. After the completion of the standard game in classic mode, Party mode or challenges in addition to options Start a new game donors receive button Game+. Selecting this will cause, the game will not end, and the playing time will be increased to 2050 year, and the player can still to continue the game.

This mode has a few limitations, which will, that not all of the standard features will be available in the Game+:

  • It is not possible to acquire trophies or saving the statistics to a profile
  • in the course of the game + the option will not be available to write the State of the game (I assume, that Game+ is designed only to situations, if the player so much sucked in the game, that "forgot about God's world")
  • Export videos and profiles for the following MovieStats before the game + (the results achieved will not be taken into account in the statistics)

I think, that Game+ the most commonly will be used for challenges, when often in "the most interesting moment" game is coming to an end. With this option, you can continue the game despite completion (or not) aim of the challenge.

> Help > The end of the game

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