MovieStats: New statuses for the creators of the waiting room and to improve

Recently a lot of you adding your own proposals of creators with MovieStats. Although I was very happy, but there are cases when your suggestions may not be accepted. The reasons for this state of affairs are of two types: formal or technical. Hence I decided to to the current status of the creator accepted or rejected introduce two new statuses, which should somewhat clarify the reason not to accept the creator at any given time, which can, however, be accepted in the future.

The reasons for which the creator might not be accepted (but not definitively rejected) the most common are two:

  • weak technically photo (e.g.: deformed photo's proportions, poor cropping, too poorly visible face creator)
  • inability to assess meaningful artists parameters

Actually, these are not reasons that permanently delete such a creator of opportunities to add the base game. However, currently the creators of those receive status rejected.

As of today the situation is little changed.

You will see a new status To update This means that the creator is not accepted but the person who threw the can apply a patch (zedytować creator). So really it worked so far, however, at this time, you can more easily be search for artists who really were the rejection of (for some reason, such as a duplicate – that is, the creator already exists in the database) from the situation when you make only some fixes (e.g. update the photo that does not meet the quality criteria).

The second status, which from now on will be available will be Waiting room. What is the waiting room? It happens that add to the database creators, who do not yet have too much experience. I must admit that the movie Business was a bit ennova creators and not every callow Colt had the possibility in the game.

Therefore, when adding the makers I have some policies that the creator must meet in order to be successfully added to the game.

And so the creator (except animki celebrity, celebrities, politicians) must have a filmography on IMDB at least 3 full-length film, which already have a review score of (IMDB Rating) and the creator appeared in them as a significant (is listed as Star).

Such restrictions but a little przyblokowania add to database "stars one of the series" also has a more pragmatic reason. You can not simply estimates the parameters of such creators in a way that is as consistent with other creators.

The parameters of the creators, though, are not entirely enumerated according to the formal algorithm, however, are based on a certain unwritten algorithm (which I have in my head – ale już dużo osób dodających twórców go opanowała 😉niestety nie da się tego zautomatyzować ze względu na zbyt dużą ilość danych, którą trzeba by było pobrać z IMDB potrzebną do ich wyliczeń). Dla twórcy, który nie ma wystarczającej ilości ocenianych filmów lub występował w filmie w roli nie znaczącej (czyli tak naprawdę nie miał dużego wpływu na jego końcową jakość)nie ma można oszacować jego parametrów w sposób statystyczny.

So how come the idea for waiting room. Well, as I mentioned often filmmakers just starting their career path in the real Business. Therefore, perhaps for half a year or a year of their life will grow to the point that peace will be able to appear in the game. Throwing such a creator to lounges will be telling you that, in General, all of this is its time fine but creator probably is yet to come and play some significant roles in several productions yet, it will be included in the database of the game.

Mam nadzieję, że zmiany te nieco wyjaśnią powody nie dodania Waszych twórców i łatwiej będzie Wam zrozumieć powodu takiej decyzji.

For my part, I will try to review all your rejected creators and update their status accordingly using the new statuses (you should get the appropriate e-mail notification).

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