Video: MS Analitics or Movie Business in numbers

Today I have a new video for you, this time devoted to a new project related to the Movie Business. MS Analitics allows to view statistics and analyze data collected in MovieStats.

You may have noticed that the Movie Business Edition 2022 didn't include many new features. One of the reasons behind this was the fact that I started a new postgraduate course in Data Scientists. It limited my spare time a bit. During my studies, however, I decided that my diploma thesis would be a project related to the Movie Business. I wanted to create an interactive internet system that would enable the visualization and analysis of data collected in MovieStats. In the following video, I wanted to show you this system and what information and statistics I can get from MovieStats and how they can affect the further development of the Movie Business.

Let me know if you are interested in similar materials, or maybe you would like to see some specific statistics from the game. Or maybe you want to do comparison of data from the 2020 Edition and the current and how changes in algorithms affected the gameplay.


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