No activation e-mail to MovieStats

In the context of recent statistical analysis and large number of people, who did not activate its' account in MovieStats despite registration, I received information from KlimkaJr, that an email with an activation link did not reach him.

Looks, that such situation may happen (Unfortunately, I do not know the reason of such behaviour and probably it will be hard to find the source of the problem), that, despite registering on the site email does not arrive to your mailbox.

Here's what to do, if within 24 hours from registration, do not receive such a message:

and) check whether It went to the SPAM folder (on your mailbox)

Most of today's service providers who offers mailbox has spam filters, which may qualify suspicious emails as spam. These algorithms work differently and sometimes not always effectively. Therefore,, login via WWW (for example,., to your account and see if by chance email from MovieStats landed in SPAM folder.

b) if the email is not in your spam folder, send me a request for sending of activaton link to the address providing your username (profile name)

I hope, that the problem does not occur too often.