In the next version… Cult movies

Currently in Movie Business you can find cult characters which is the familiar characters played by specific actors in real movies. In the next version of time to go one step further and enter the cult movies. What they are and how they will look in the game, you will learn later in this entry.

Probably you have noticed that for some time the movie Business in increasingly relies on data from the largest database of website dedicated to the film that is IMDB. Currently in a much simpler way you can add your own suggestions in the MovieStatsby providing only a link to the profile of the creator of this site. This is made possible by the emergence of APIs (programming interface) that in a simple way to download from there.

This API also allows you to retrieve information about the movies. As the base of creators in the game is quite large, I decided to try to reproduce the real videos in fact Business. This was not trivial, such as IMDB, we find only a few dry facts about the production (title, release date, species, age category and the cast) that you had as a turn in the information needed to create the scenario, and then the movie in the same game (where e.g. species, must be precisely specified and not necessarily uniquely corresponding to that which is available in the IMDB, it should also explicitly specify the amount of violence/humor/sex, target production or even applied Studio, special effects or the amount of ads). Same problems with mapping the reality to the realities of the game was a little and maybe I'll write about them a bit more on the occasion of the next entries in the series Director's Cutthat appears on my personal blog just before the release of the new version.

In the end, the game will be available to approximately 1000 known and/or cult films, which from time to time, will be produced by computer players. Not to bore You only known titles, the game of course will drop them selected, taking into account the however, the real time their release) (each game it will be a unique set of titles). Cult films will be interspersed with the purely fictitious, produced by computer players based on their own scenarios.

Despite the very extensive database creators in the game, of course, not all of the actors who appeared in the cult films are present. In this situation, the creator of the missing will be replaced with some other. As that information taken from the IMDB are data of cast only in the form of names and is not known for its sex played characters, it may happen that the female character will be replaced by a man and vice versa.

Here such as the lack of in the game actress playing the role of a Hangout. As you can see the game (producer) has selected another available actress (and next to the name of the played character in parentheses have given who the character played in the original film – here a certain Rachel Ticotin).

At the beginning I mentioned to you about cult heroes, here just shows your true claw because information from the IMDB is a character played by the actor, so if the creator has a corresponding cult hero, his photo from this movie will automatically appear in this production. Thanks to cult movies even more will stand out from the standard production.

Immediately warn you that game as long as you do not prefer in some special way of cult movies, giving them some extra bonuses and making these films will become as iconic in the game which in fact. Therefore, you probably often appear situations when the original Star Wars will be rated in the game as a piece of junk with a few spectacular special effects;). I hope that the purists film history and representation of reality and fans of production data to feel very disturbed by this fact and do not spoil the immersion of the game. If that happened let me know we can discuss whether it will need to somehow fix this.

The last question, as to which side I'm not sure it is the method of financing such films. These productions by virtue of its status most often include artists who are popular, and by what dear. Hence, the cost of production of these films will be quite high, and in addition does not guarantee to deliver profits (especially when they are poorly rated). Therefore, in order not to lead to a quick bankruptcy your virtual opponents, now PC gamers do not invest their money in cult movies. For now, get them a gift. I wonder while using options production with the investor also in this case (at the moment it is only available for “human” players). This would mean that the computer player received only a% of the profits if he would be able to bring their measures. Here the experiments are still ongoing.

To highlight something like cult movies from the more ordinary, when you launch (and the other Windows with detailed information about them) they will be marked with a different color cover beams (Orange – as you can see on the sample screenshots).

I hope that the idea of another flair in the game you like. Let me know what you think about it and do you have any other ideas associated with this option.

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