IMDB Tool v2.0

During intensive work on the latest versions of the game turned out, that myAPIFilm uses to retrieve the information about the artists from the IMDB has undergone major rebuild. It caused that IMDBTool has stopped working. Finally I could find some time to make the appropriate changes to this tool. So here are the new version which you can download from a dedicated sub-page IMDB Tool.

To recap, that IMDB tool is useful for automatic downloading of creator filmography from IMDB, that is needed when you add new developers in the MovieStats.

IMDB Filmography Tool

Along with the newly added feature of retrieving information about the creators from the IMDB, I made a small tool which helps download filmographies of the creator having IMDB profile link. I decided to share with you this little program, because it can help a little for those, who adds new creators in MovieStats. Adding film credits apart from processing of photos are the one of the most time-consuming part of the whole process of adding a new creator.

This tool and a description of how to use it can be found on on a new subpage IMDB Tool in Files section.