Proposals of improvements for reviews in MovieStats

In the Movie Business you will find descriptive reviews of your movies this is one of the features of the game with which I am quite proud of but mainly… with the Polish version. When I decided to create an English version of the game, there were many texts that need to be translated, that the only way to do it in a reasonable time was to use the automatic translation function. Unfortunately, the Polish language is quite complicated, and the result of such a translation leaves much to be desired. Hence, I decided to provide you with a tool that will allow you to suggest a better version of existing reviews. The tool will be available in MovieStats in the tab Reviews.

Just enter the fragment of the original review (one that does not contain names). Then you will receive a list of texts from the game containing the given phrase. And then selecting the option Edition, which will allow you to propose a better version of the translation of the given fragment. Your proposal gets to me for moderation. If everything is ok, it will be accepted and will appear in the future update of the review set. That's it. I hope that this will contribute to improving the quality of the English-language versions of the review.


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