Update set BF2 to version 15

Today, there is another update numbered 15. It contains 23 creators and 36 photos, added by you, which have passed the stage of moderation. For the record detailed the process for adding your own creators I described in This place.

What should I do to get the update? It would be enough, start the game in the mode that uses a default set of creators (practically every ;). At this point, the game should inform you about the availability of an update and download new data. If the process is successful, you will receive basic statistical information, along with the version to which the set has been updated. You can also see the list of creators who were added/modified.

To all those who added some creators but they were rejected for some reason.

I remind you that the creators should have minimum photo major. In addition, the picture should have appropriate proportions (be well graduated). Otherwise, it is dropped. Remember that even if your Creator has been rejected, you can later edit and correct what has been done wrong.

NOTE: In case of, When you appear any errors please this information, along with the details. We wonder, What is wrong and how to solve the problem.

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