New features in MovieStats

We already have the premiere of Movie Business edition 2019 behind us (although soon the first update is planned to fix some bugs that have already been reported to me – if you had some, let me know). This does not mean, however, that I rest from work on the project. In the end, I could take a moment to work over MovieStats. And today about two functionalities that have appeared there (some of you have already used them).


The first of these Feedback. There are 4 options that appeared on the page containing detailed information about the creators. They are located just below the table with parameters. And they are supposed to inform me if any information about the creator is out of date (data or parameters) or an update of old or poor quality photos is required.

Here are the available options:

  • Person is dead – the option allows to report that the database lacks information about the creator's death (career end)
  • Outdated params – some of the creators in the database are already there for many years and some of their parameters could change drastically. If you come across such parameters, using this option will cause that I will look at the statistics of a given creator a bit closer
  • Outdated filmography – it's not just about refreshing the person's filmography but, for example, about indicating that a given person should already leave waiting room and go to the main set (because the number of movies in which he/she appeared as stars reached the minimum value that is 3).
  • Photos needs update – It may happen that some of the photos are very out of date (in case the creator has only one picture and was added centuries ago or is simply of poor quality).

Clicking on one of the above links will send me an email with information from a given category. Which will make me to look at the problem. Try, however, not to abuse these options, eg. by clicking out-of-date parameters for the creator you have just added, and I changed its parameters during moderation. I have apparently stated that the values you have proposed are not consistent with the parameters of other creators.

Filtering creators

The function I wanted to introduce for some time but somehow I did not have the opportunity to implement it. As the game database is really big, displaying and browsing all the creators in the set is a bit problematic. That's why I decided to add the ability to filter the creators in the set.

By going to the menu Creators-> Set-> Default where you can view all creators that are included in the set Default. In the table header you will now find filters that allow you to filter by the following criteria:

  • country
  • sex
  • job
  • start of the career
  • status

Of course, filters can be combined with each other by narrowing the results for example. to all women, Directors, come from Polandthat are in the database.

Additionally, by clicking on the column heading you can go to the statistics from the given criterion. So, for example, to see how many creators there are in a given job or compare the number of creators from different countries. At the top, next to the number of rows returned, a link to reset filter parameters has been added.

I hope the options you find helpful and will be used not only be me.

Note: If nothing happened after choosing filtering, you need to refresh the browser's cache to load the new version of the scripts. For the Chrome browser, you can do this by pressing SHIFT + F5

Soon, another new functionality is being prepared ... which I hope you will use to help improve the quality of the game.

More about this, however, the next time.


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