Let’s play Movie Business 2

As none of the famous youtubers recorded let’s play video about Movie Business I decided to make up for this huge shortcoming :). This film was made on the one hand because there was no similar video so far, and on the other hand because recently on Discord there were people who said that the game was too difficult. So I wanted to show that it is not trivial, but you can get out of all the troubles somehow :). And since life writes the best scripts, the movie from a long fragment of the game turned out to be a real thriller. I do not want to reveal too much about the plot of this production, but it does not start too well, during the game I have to face many unexpected obstacles and use many elements available in the game to get out of trouble.

The game took over 2 hours and you can find it on the official game channel.

The video is recorded in English and in the full post you will find details of what you will find in it.

0:00 Introduction
0:51 Game Modes
1:42 Party Game Parameters
3:29 Start The Game
4:18 Main Interface overview
6:53 Scripts Overview
8:25 Create your own script
15:48 First film production
27:39 End of Month
31:57 In production events, offers
35:13 Executive Producer Offer
38:18 Post Production Effects
39:10 Premiere!!!
43:26 Vanity Fair
44:01 Parties
44:28 Exclusive display rights
45:05 Report from production
45:33 Assistant comments
46:33 Film with Investor
49:21 In production
50:14 Next Script: Horror
51:38 Notes about credit
52:00 Censorship
52:29 Daily job of producer
56:03 Let’s make a sequel script
58:42 Daily job of producer
59:49 Let’s make a porn!
1:02:17 New assistant contract
1:02:33 Daily work
1:02:42 Cult movies
1:04:06 Commecrial offer and prestige
1:05:08 First festival Gala!
1:06:19 Daily job of producer
1:06:51 What’s about our porn!
1:08:28 Next Script: Family
1:10:24 Daily job of producer
1:10:37 About gamplay options
1:11:13 Film production: Horror
1:13:58 Let’s advertise it
1:15:28 Daily job of producer
1:18:10 Our Horror Premiere and Press Conference
1:20:54 Daily job of producer
1:21:02 New assistant
1:21:47 Daily job of producer
1:23:34 The sequel production
1:25:23 Script adjustement
1:26:59 Daily job of producer
1:31:57 Best producers Yearly summary
1:32:40 Daily job of producer: About films
1:35:15 Next Script: Action
1:37:04 Next Awards 🙂
1:38:10 It is possible to make 5* movie 😉
1:38:31 Daily job of producer
1:38:58 Film production: Family
1:40:06 Daily job of producer
1:41:55 Postproduction effects a bit advanced
1:43:40 Daily job of producer
1:44:23 Movie Quiz
1:45:52 Daily job of producer
1:46:25 Film production: Action
1:48:06 Script for 3rd part of the movie
1:49:15 Daily job of producer
1:51:13 Story example
1:53:38 Daily job of producer
1:57:10 Finalize our romance trilogy
1:58:18 Daily job of producer
1:58:34 Advanced sequel
1:59:00 Daily job of producer
1:59:27 Intensify of marketing campaign
1:59:57 Trilogy finished
2:00:48 Daily job of producer
2:01:20 Film production: Action movie sequel
2:02:43 Daily job of producer
2:05:32 Finally hit!
2:06:07 Submitting to festival
2:06:47 Daily job of producer
2:08:17 Summary happy ending!

This is a fragment of the game, so I did not want to delve too much into the details of individual options, so if you would like material about a specific area of the game, but in more detail, let us know, we will see what can be done in this topic.

Enjoy watching.

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