Update 1 to 2022 Edition

Update number 1 for the 2022 edition ready for download. Yes you can play on small screens again!

Image by Markus Winkler from Pixabay

Probably the most important change in this update is the re-ability to play on computers with smaller screens (the minimum supported resolution is 1280×720). In addition, several more errors found under various circumstances have been corrected.

For a complete list of fixes and changes, see version history.

As usual, you can download the game from the page Download MB2

P.S I remind you that the game has its own Discord server where from time to time there are quite interesting discussions.

Invitation to the server available at this link

P.P.S I'm in the process of preparing Let's playa from the game, which will appear in a few days on YouTube channel of the game.


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