In the next version… Character types in the scenario

The first new functionality that will appear in the 2019 edition, about which I would like to tell you are character types.

Until now, creating a movie based on a specific scenario during choosing the actors it was best to fit them to the genre of a given movie. For example, for action films, we usually chose actors with a large action parameter. This strategy worked very well in the game, but it was a certain simplification in relation to reality, because not always the best action movies consisted of heroes whose main attribute was overall physical fitness. The best action films in history, apart from the interesting hero, also had interesting villains – and often side characters with different characteristics that gave them uniqueness. In addition, placing X characters with similar characteristics in the movie strongly limits the target audience to lovers of a particular genre.

The next version will introduce a new parameter regarding the role in the scenario. It will be the types of characters. It will allow you to diversify the characters of our film and make it worth to introduce heroes with different characteristics to genre films. What is important, such a scenario structure will have impact on selection of the cast with specific characteristics.

During the creation of the scenario, when adding further acting roles, the player will be able to choose one of the following types of characters:

  • Protagonist –  our hero, this character should be versatile and talented because it with him for the longest time the viewer will be connected and on him and most often will rest the plot.
  • Villain – the main antagonist of our protagonist must be charismatic and evoke emotions for the viewer, hence the character from which we require big dramatic skills.
  • Jester – a character with comedic properties whose goal in the scenario is often to relax the atmosphere.
  • Femme fatale/Lovelass – the figure of a fatal woman (but it can also be a man), mysterious and in the canon of cinema, bringing disaster – the main differentiator of this character is a sexappeal.
  • Action hero – here all is clear a typical character focused on the actions of high characteristics for this parameter.
  • Neutral – a neutral character for which we do not have specific preferences (the default type that is the equivalent of the current situation)

Using this rich base of archetypes, we can create our movie more consciously, and our regular action movie can be more nuanced.

For example, let there be a scenario for such a "Die Hard", which in the game could look like this:

  • ProtagonistJohn McClane (Bruce Willis) – a versatile hero, who should have both predispositions for action scenes but also humor and the actors' talent.
  • VillainHans Gruber (Alan Rickman) – which is an actor who is not an action cinema specialist but has great dramatic skills.
  • Jester  – Sergeant Al Powell – (Reginald VelJohnson As) – a person with a comedy character.
  • NeutralHello Gennero McClane (Bonnie Bedelia) – the wife of our protagonist here as neutral figure is not very visible – but essential to the plot.

What will be the consequences of using a particular type of character in a scenario? Well, if we have a scenario with types different than neutral we will have to pay more attention to cast a given role by a specific actor. If the parameters of a given artist matches with the features required by the type of a given character, there is a greater chance that he or she will perform better in this role and his performance (evaluated in asterisks) will be better. This works, of course, and the other way, if we misfit the actor for the role, his star rating will be lower.

Of course, there are no restrictions as to the number and types of characters that we will use in the scenario. We can mark all of our creators as neutral (then the game will behave exactly as now) or for the action movie all of cast can be choosen as the action heroes. On the other hand, introducing different characters will be somehow rewarded by algorithms (both for viewers – thanks to various types of characters, more audience – not only those who like action movies – will want to see our movie, and critics will appreciate the unconventionality of our production).

I hope you'll enjoy this another nuance added to the game and finds in you the next layers of creativity which will allow even more empathize with the business world.

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